10 Health Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is derived from herbs, fruit seeds and roots. It is also known as one of the most healing beverages on earth, as it contains an impressive amount of antioxidants and other powerful nutrients known to improve the state of our health. Continue reading below to learn all about the 10 health benefits of drinking herbal tea.

1. Soothes the Common Cold

Herbal teas are an excellent remedy for treating the common cold. However, the elder tree herb is the most effective, as it contains powerful decongestant properties. Which clears nasal passages, soothes serious and minor coughs and may even reduce asthma symptoms.

2. Anti-Aging Properties

The high antioxidant content present in herbal teas have also shown to have powerful anti-aging properties. The antioxidants prevent free radicals damage and reduce the aging of cells.

3. Anti-Nausea

Those who regularly suffer from vomiting or nausea may find that herbal teas can be quite effective. Researchers have found that herbal tea can offer instant nausea relief, especially for pregnant women.

4. Reduces Stress

Tea can have a very calming and comforting effect, which may also effectively reduces stress levels. Studies have found that certain types of herbal tea may also help people suffering with insomnia and other anxiety related symptoms. Chamomile is one of the best teas to drink to relieve stress and calm the mind and body.

5. Improves Digestion

Like all warm drinks, tea can also help get things moving, promoting smooth bowel movement. Tea helps breakdown in the digestive tract, which promotes fast, healthy waste removal. This beneficial beverage can also relieve constipation and other digestion related issues.

6. Regulates Blood Sugar

According to studies, diabetic patients who are not dependent on insulin have noticed improvements after regularly drinking certain types green tea. Bilberry and sage have shown to be the most effective in reducing blood sugar levels. They have also been regularly used in diabetic neuropathy.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Due to the high levels of essential nutrients present in green tea, people have noticed relief from inflammation in the body. Researchers suggest it may also offer relief from rheumatic aches, as those with arthritis noticed reduced pain after drinking it.

8. Improves Kidney Health

Herbal tea can be very detoxifying, which can also help flush out the kidneys. This helps flush out dangerous toxins, resulting in improved kidney health.

9. Natural Antidepressant

The calming and comforting effect herbal tea has on the body to reduce stress can also act as a natural antidepressant.

10. Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common health ailment, affecting hundreds of people and if left untreated can affect heart and kidney function. Herbal tea can naturally reduce the risk of these symptoms by improving blood pressure. Researchers believe this may be due to the high levels of powerful antioxidants.

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