10 Superfoods that Promote Weight Loss

10 Superfoods that Promote Weight Loss10 Superfoods that Promote Weight Loss

Many foods are packed with calories, yet we still find ourselves feeling hungry not long after consuming them. Instead of choosing meals with empty calories, opt for whole plant-based foods packed with essential vitamins minerals, antioxidants and fiber. These foods will leave you’re body full and satisfied until your next meal while also promoting many health benefits. Superfoods also help boost metabolism, increase energy levels, promote muscle build up and naturally help improve weight loss. Include plenty up fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, legumes, and whole grains. When buying meat and dairy, consider organic, free-range meats, eggs, fish, etc.

10 Health Promoting Superfoods for Weight Loss 


Starting your day out with a warm bowl of oatmeal is an excellent way to boost your weight loss. Oatmeal helps keep your body satisfied until your next meal and throughout the day. It’s a great source of slow-releasing energy, which helps prevent the cravings for a mid morning snack.


When it comes to weight loss sometimes a simple spice can be your best friend. Not only do they add fabulous flavor to a simple dish, but many of them contain special thermogenic properties, which have been found to boost the bodies metabolism to help burn calories faster. Most common spices containing this property are chili, mustart seeds, and ginger.

Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are a tasty alternative to regular potatoes when you’re dieting. They contain fewer calories that regular potatoes and they will leave you feeling full and satisfied after a meal. Swapping out white potatoes for sweet potatoes is a great way to naturally lower your caloric intake without even noticing. Sweet potatoes are also packed with nutrients including potassium, vitamins A, C, and B6.


Nuts are the prefect in between meal snack, as long as you’re eating them within moderation. They are often included in most diet plans and for good reason. Nuts are packed with essential vitamins and minerals and for weight loss just a small handful will help keep you satisfied until your next meal. Opt for raw or unsalted nuts, avoid any type of nut covered in salt or seasoning, chocolate or candy coatings.


Eggs have also made their way as an excellent weight loss food. Their high protein content is an excellent way to help you start your day and keep you full until your next meal. Studies have found that a protein rich breakfast also helps you eat less throughout the day, reducing cravings and unwanted munching.


Apples are a fabulous snack for anytime of the day and they are one of the most popular weight loss foods. They contain high levels of antioxidants that may help prevent metabolic syndrome, which often causes excess belly fat. Studies have found that those who snacked on apples ate fewer calories at meal time compared to those who ate other snacks.


Leafy greens are an excellent way to fill your stomach without loaded up on calories. Kale is a much loved superfood and packed with nutrients and health promoting benefits. Just one cup of raw kale contains 34 calories and close to 1.3 grams of fibre, as well as high levels of calcium and iron.


Salmon happens to be one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids help improve insulin sensitivity, which then helps the body build muscle instead of fat. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you’re able to burn.

Pomegranate Seeds

Believe it or not, but pomegranate seeds are just as healthy as the actually juice itself and they are a great way to help promote weight loss. They are a low calorie snack that will satisfies your stomach and sweet tooth. These tasty little seeds are also rich in fibre and powerful disease fighting antioxidants that have been found to help slow down the signs of ageing.

Green Tea

Green tea is a well-known natural remedy for weight loss. It also has high levels of antioxidants and numerous health benefits. Green tea contains high levels of catechins, a special compound that has been found to help boost metabolism while also burning calories and fat.

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