12 Foods That Are Not Vegan or Vegetarian Friendly

12 Foods That Are Not Vegan or Vegetarian Friendly12 Foods That Are Not Vegan or Vegetarian Friendly

According to research there are nearly 7.3 million people in the United States who follow a vegetarian diet, and close to 22.8 million who follow a vegetarian diet. And with more and more research being done, we are finally understanding the health benefits that come along with consuming one of these diets. With that, even more people are beginning to do their research to ensure that they known exactly what is going into their bodies, as well as getting the proper amount of nutrition.

Do you know what food additives you are consuming?

Being completely certain about what we are consuming in our meals is increasingly harder with the amount of processed foods found in the grocery store. Even if the product is not processed, we can’t be certain how it was treated during the growing process. More than 15 thousand people suffer from food allergies. So, whether you just desire to eat healthier or you consume a strict diet, it is crucial that you are reading food labels. Consider buying organic or making your own food at home.

Vegans and vegetarians, stay away from white sugar. It is highly processed and also contains a disguised ingredient known as “natural carbon” which is actually bone char. Consider natural sweeteners like honey, coconut sugar, vanilla, or other natural sweeteners.

If you’re not making your own juice at home, make sure you are buying additive free, organic orange juice. Especially if you are vegetarian or vegan. Many orange juice brands contain Omega-3s that are derived from anchovies, tilapia and sardines. If the orange juice contains vitamin D, it is often sourced from lanolin, a waxy substance found in sheep’s wool.

Have you ever wondered what the “natural flavor” found in vanilla ice cream might be? Well, it’s not vanilla. The “natural flavoring” is actually castoreum, which is a scented, brown slime beavers use to mark their territory and surprisingly happens to have a musky vanilla smell. Make sure you read ingredient lists, make your own ice cream at home, or stick to vegan ice cream.

Most people remember to check ingredient lists when buying refried beans. Although beans are a great source of protein for vegans and vegetarians, store bought refried beans often contain pork or some sort of animal fat. If you’re eating out, consider ordering black beans instead or make your own refriend beans at home.

For anyone suffering from a shellfish allergy or vegans and vegetarians, watch out for bananas. Many bananas are actually treated with a spray made from shellfish. The spray is known as Chitosan, which is a bacteria fighting spray made from shrimp and crab shells. It is crucial to always purchase organic bananas. Come to find out, you may have gone your whole life thinking you were allergic to bananas, when in reality you could have a shellfish allergy.

If you’re a regular at Dunkin Donuts, Einstein Bros, Pizza Hut, or McDonald’s, you may want to re-consider. Dunken Donuts and Einstein Bros. bagels use a dough conditioner, which is extracted from duck and chicken feathers. As well as Pizza Hut crust and McDonald’s honey wheat rolls, cinnamon rolls, and apple pies. Consider prepping your own breakfast at home or grab some organic fruit on the the go.

Red hard candy has a hard, candy coated shell made from Red#4, which is found in the female Dactylopius-coccus Costa insect. It is also disguised as “cochineal,” “carminic acid,” “carmine” and much more.  Also avoid hard coated candy that has confectioner’s glaze, since it is made from shellac. Shellac is derived from the back end of a female lac bug. Whereas your favorite beer or wine could be made with fish bladder. Many potato chip brands use chicken and or pig fat and often times peanuts have added collagen made from animals. And last but not least, store bought cake mixes often contain pork fat!

Steer clear of unwanted food additives

If you want to avoid these additives and stay on tract with a healthy diet, consider eating whole, real foods made at home or from a trusted source. Shopping at trusted stores, buying organic, making your own food, and also shopping at the farmer’s market is a great way to avoid dangerous and unwanted food additives while also getting a proper amount of nutrition.

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