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Vitamineral Green Vital Healing Food

Vitamineral Green Vital Healing Food The Ultimate Therapeutic Green Food Soil Depletion Because of modern farming methods, our soils are dramatically depleted in minerals and other important components necessary for producing nutrient-rich food. This results in food that is deficient in the crucial micronutrients – minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients – which we require in large quantities to thrive, especially given the stress of modern lifestyles. As a result, effective micronutrient supplementation is absolutely crucial for health. Superfoods vs. Traditional Multivitamin Supplements The traditional multivitamin pills or liquids produced in response to this issue are not the best solution. […]

Home Remedies for Toothaches and More

Home Remedies for Toothaches and More Oral problems can often be embarrassing and just down right miserable for those suffering from toothaches, bad breathe etc. Natural home remedies are a safe and effective alternative to expensive store bought products. Dental products often contain harmful ingredients like fluoride, triclosan and Carbamide peroxide, which can later lead to harmful effects to the body, fertility issues, illness and disease. Natural home remedies including turmeric, sage and peppermint help fight off bad breath, toothaches, gingivitis, relieve inflammation and more. All while actually benefiting your body rather than harming it. Home remedies will offer you relief from […]

7 Sources of Dairy Free Calcium

7 Sources of Dairy Free Calcium Calcium is one of the richest minerals in the body and 95% of calcium is stored in our teeth and bones. However, we don’t need milk and dairy products to get calcium. The truth is that calcium is easily adsorb into our bodies with plant-based foods like greens, seeds, some nuts, veggies and fruits. Milk and dairy products are actually very acidic so they break down bones instead of building them up. Our bones need more than just calcium, they also need vitamin K and magnesium which dairy lacks. Vitamin K and magnesium aid in calcium absorption and […]