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Reishi Powder

Reishi Powder Reishi mushrooms are native to China and grow wild on decaying matter such as dead trees. They are now cultivated in North America and Asia, due to popularity. Reishi has been known as the “king of herbs” and the “mushroom of immortality”. So you’re probably thinking reishi can offer you some pretty excellent health benefits and you’re exactly right! Reishi mushroom is a hearty and rich medicine with much promise. Constituents include an array of alkaloids, triterpine acids, ergosterols, fumaric acid, coumarins, lactone, mannitol, and many polysaccharides. Health Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Powder: Strengthens the immune system Contains antioxidants […]

Artificial Flavors: Side Effects

Artificial Flavors: Side Effects Most Americans are unknowingly consuming dangerous amounts of artificial flavoring each year. It’s no doubt that artificial flavorings can be dangerous, but how dangerous? Studies suggest that the side effects of artificial flavorings range from nervous system depression, dizziness,chest pain, headaches, fatigue, allergies, brain damage, seizures, and nausea. Some of the more popular flavorings can also cause genetic defects, tumors and bladder cancer to name a few. If that’s not scary enough, did you know? There are over 3 thousand different types of artificial flavorings. If you are like many Americans, you’re probably consuming convenient processed foods […]

Pure Essential Oils for Well-being

Pure essential oils have hundreds of uses, they can be inhaled or applied on the skin. These amazing oils can be used as an alternative treatment for infections, stress, insomnia, well-being, etc. Essential oils can be added to a bath, diffusers, candles, shampoo, soap, cleaning products, lotions, and incense to help aid you through your day. Pure Essential Oils for Well-being Essential Oil: Well-being Blend Product name: Aquene (Ah-kwah-nee) Meaning: Peace (Wampanoag) Benefits: Calming, Balancing, Well-being Available in 8ml and 18ml Basil – oils has a refreshing effect. It is used for nervous tension, mental fatigue, and depression. Cypress – oil is very protective oil. It […]

GMO Free Essential Oils

GMO Free Essential Oils Pure Essential oils are considered the first ever medicine and have been used around the world for centuries. Pure Essential oils and other aromatics have been used in religious rituals to treat various illnesses and for other physical and spiritual needs. Research dates the use of essential oils back to 4500 BC. Ancient Egyptians were the first to discover the possibilities of fragrance and records demonstrate that oils and aromatics were used for treating illness and performing rituals and religious ceremonies in the temples and pyramids. Three oils that are still commonly used today that were […]