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Sun Dried Tomatoes May Reduce Stroke Risks

Sun Dried Tomatoes May Reduce Stroke Risks Delicious tomatoes are thought to be a veggie but they are really a fruit with a load of health benefits. No matter how you choose to eat them, you will be enjoying all the benefits. Tomatoes are usually known for their lycopene and antioxidant components. Lycopene is said to be one of the more powerful of carotenoids and recent studies are revealing that it has the power to reduce the risk of strokes. Reduce Stroke Risk by Consuming Lycopene Rich Foods A study published gathered 1,031 men, between the ages of 46 to 65 years […]

Friendly Force The Ultimate Probiotic

Friendly Force The Ultimate Probiotic Probiotics 101 Friendly Force Ultimate Probiotics are Raw, TruGanic (beyond organic), Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan & Vegetarian. We believe they are some of the best probiotics out there. Probiotics offer a number of excellent health benefits. Friendly bacteria (probiotics) can help to prevent and treat many illnesses and diseases. Humans are comprised of about 100 trillion cells. Shockingly, around 90% of these 100 trillion cells are single-celled microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, and protozoa), most of which live in our intestinal tract. The human intestinal tract harbors one of the densest microbial communities found on Earth. When healthy, we […]

Improve Stomach Acid Levels for Good Digestion

Improve Stomach Acid Levels for Good Digestion Did you know? Without stomach acid the digestive system can suffer a great deal. There are numerous things throughout our bodies that play an important role when it comes to digestion. Like, how much sleep you get to how relaxed you are when you eat and even the order of your small intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and large intestine. A healthy digestion is important for nourishing organs as well endocrines and the nervous system. Stomach Acid: Stomach acid is meant to be in our bodies and it is important. It helps our bodies break down what foods […]

Ojavan's Organic Decadent-Botanical Body Butter

Ojavan’s Decadent-Botanical Organic Body Butter

Ojavan’s Decadent-Botanical Organic Body Butter Ojavan Products has created a body butter that decimates dry skin! Their top ingredients bring a multitude of health benefits to your skin, such as: Anti-inflammatory, sun protection, fights free radicals, and rejuvenates the skin. Organic Shea Butter: Is a natural triglyceride and absorbs rapidly into the skin, acts as a “re-fatting” agent, and has great water-binding properties. The Healing properties of Shea were first harnessed thousands of years ago and helps protect the skin against the sun & dry winds. It has been reported that shea butter helps reduce and relieve skin from rash, blemishes, the appearance of […]

Cayenne Pepper May Help Relieve Migraines

Cayenne Pepper May Help Relieve Migraines For centuries cayenne pepper has been medicinally used as a natural pain reliever around the world. Cayenne pepper is used in the production of numerous pain reliever products. The pain relieving properties found in cayenne come from Capsaicin which is an ingredient used in pain reliever ointments that are topically applied to the skin. Capsaicin can relieve pain from many things such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, pain from shingles, pain from surgery, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and low back pain. It’s also used to help treat psoriasis to reduce inflammation and itching. Capsaicin helps […]