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Pecans Have the Highest Antioxidant Levels

Pecans Have the Highest Antioxidant Levels Pecans come from the hickory family of trees and are related to walnuts. Pecans originated in North America, but today they are being cultivated in regions around the world. In the 16th century they were known as the most valuable of nut species. Today, pecans are still one of the most loved of all nuts. Pecan trees can grow over 100 ft tall and live for almost a thousand years! On just 1 acre, pecan trees can produce up to 1,000 lbs of pecans and the best part of all, pecans can be enjoyed year round. […]

Natural Body Mist

So many people are staying away from body care products that contain harmful parabens, toxins, and chemicals. Artificial fragrances can cause immediate skin irritations, and more long term negative health effects. Companies use cheap synthetic chemicals to make cosmetic fragrances, simply because they cost less than using natural scents or pure essential oils. Fortunately, companies such as Ojavan Products have high quality standards that you can trust. They use all natural and organic ingredients in their skin care products that are scented with therapeutic grade pure essential oils. This all natural body mist can be used for the face as […]

3 Ways to Naturally Help Your Thyroid

3 Ways to Naturally Help Your Thyroid The thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland located just below the Adams apple. It’s hard to believe that this tiny glad has such a huge impact on our health. Naturally, the thyroid releases certain hormones that effect growth, metabolism, and development. When the thyroid isn’t properly taken care of, it can cause problems in our growth and development, which effects both our body and our mind. The thyroid can develop too much or too little of these hormones. When we have to little it is called hypothyroidism and when we have too much […]