Daily Archives: February 3, 2015

Spices Help Promote Hair Growth

Spices Help Promote Hair Growth We are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to natural hair care, but would you have guessed that spices help promote hair growth? In India hair is considered to be an asset where they will try anything to prevent hair loss or damaged hair and spices have been shown to be quite promising. Store bought hair products often promote promising benefits but show no results in the end. Leaving you with hair loss and money lost. There are numerous reason for hair loss including extreme emotion and physical stress, allergies, poor hair care products […]

How to get more Omega-3s in your diet

How to get more Omega-3s in your diet How do essential fatty acids effect the body? Essential fatty acids are very important in our diets. They are used for energy in our bodies when glucose is unavailable. Storing energy is critical for the functioning of fatty acids. Fatty acids are known as the building blocks of fat in both our bodies and the food we eat. Our bodies do not naturally contain or produce essential fatty acids, we receive EFAs (essential fatty acids) in the food that we eat. During the digestive process is when fats are broken down into […]

Amazing Benefits of Dates

Amazing Benefits of Dates Dates are dated back to about 6000 BC. They are a delicious fruit that is much loved around the world. Dates are known for their magnificent flavor and texture. They have a sweet flavor, similar to honey. In Arabic the deglet noor variety means “Date of Light”. Dates come in many different varieties and they are an excellent addition in many raw and vegan desserts. Nutritional Benefits  Dates are some of the best natural sweeteners out there. They are easily digested, which gives your body the ability to take full advantage of their benefits. Dates are known to help […]

Healthy High Fat Foods

Healthy High Fat Foods Healthy high fat foods are packed with incredible benefits. Fat is not always something we should be afraid off. There are both healthy fats and bad fats. Bad fats increase cholesterol and the risk of certain illnesses and disease. Healthy fats are actually essential, they boost cholesterol and promote overall health. Healthy fats usually consist of plant based foods whereas bad fats are often found in many processed foods. The key to cutting out fat is choosing the right kind of fats. Here are 5 healthy high fat foods that are loaded essential vitamins and minerals […]