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Coconut Palm Sugar – The Latest Sugar Alternative

Coconut Palm Sugar – The Latest Sugar Alternative White refined sugar is one of the most toxic food ingredients out there. It is usually a main ingredient in many processed foods and it is often found in the foods you would least expect. Refined white sugar can be highly addictive and very dangerous. The best way to avoid sugar is to ditch it all together but, if you’re like most of us, you just can’t kick that sweet tooth habit. Try swapping out that toxic refined white sugar and replace it with a natural sugar alternative, both healthy and delicious! Natural sweeteners […]

Superfoods Boost Brain Health

Superfoods Boost Brain Health It’s safe to say that we have all those days where some things just seem to be more difficult to remember, or we may have a harder time concentrating that day. This may happen for a number of different reasons, but one thing we can all agree on is how aggravating it can be. Now, there is no magic button that will help boost brain function but, there are many amazing superfoods that will most definitely help boost brain function and power. Studies continue to show promising results that superfoods boost brain health. Studies also suggest that what […]