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Emerald Labs Blood Sugar Health Formula

Eating a well-balanced and plant-based diet is one of the most recommended ways to lower your blood sugar. Your blood sugar manages numerous hormone responses in the body, which then controls how your mood, energy and hunger levels are effected. Healthy blood sugar levels are also so important in preventing serious disease such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Weight loss and exercise will also play an important role in supporting healthy blood sugar levels as well as supplementing. Below is one of our top picks for natural blood sugar health. Emerald Labs Blood Sugar Health Formula Superior Blood Glucose […]

Best Anti-inflammatory foods

Best Anti-inflammatory foods Our body contains natural inflammation to help fight pain and infections. Although, it can become a serious health issue when it becomes chronic inflammation and it can increase the risk of serious illness and disease. Thankfully with a diet full of anti-inflammatory foods we can help manage dangerous inflammation throughout our body. Anti-inflammatory diet Chronic inflammation can be caused from a number of reasons, such as poor diet (too many processed foods), illness, stress, environment toxins, lack of exercise, and an all around unhealthy lifestyle. Today, there are many foods in the grocery store that can actually […]

How to Maintain a Healthy Gut

How to Maintain a Healthy Gut Poor digestion is affecting nearly 60-70 million people daily, and the cause may be anything from an unhealthy diet, stress, serious digestive disorders, and other health issues, you may even suffer from all of the above. Digestive problems can often be difficult to diagnose since some of the same symptoms happen in different gastrointestinal disorders. Some people  may suffer from IBS, Chron’s disease, a food intolerance, serious stress, or hormone imbalances, where others may just live an unhealthy lifestyle. Other serious health issues and even prescription drugs can cause digestive issues. Why is the […]