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4 Superfoods that boost Kidney Health

4 Superfoods that boost Kidney Health We all have a pretty good understanding by now that food does matter! What we eat affects how our entire body functions from the inside out. It is just so important that we consume the right kind of foods in order to get all of the right nutrients for proper body function. If you are not consuming the proper amount of vitamins and minerals you’re body will not function the way it’s suppose to and if you’re living your life without all of these nutrients you will never know just how great your body can […]

Cancer-fighting Foods

Cancer-fighting Foods Cancer is one of the top killers around the world and in some way is affecting everyone. Now, there is no guarantee that anyone will be safe from serious health risks, but there is promising research showing us that food does help fight off and prevent painful disease and illness. Foods may not cure cancer and they may not work the same on everyone, but they do contain special nutrients that can help us fight these terrible diseases. Where to begin Plant-based, whole-food diets are the most studied diets due to their cancer-fighting abilities. Meat and dairy products have […]

Foods that Manage Heartburn

Foods that Manage Heartburn Heartburn is something many Americans have in common. Heartburn, also know as acid reflex is a burning sensation in the lower chest that is caused when stomach acid makes it way up the esophagus after eating certain foods, which irritates the lining of the stomach causing unwanted pain. Occasional heartburn is usually caused by spicy, unhealthy, or fatty foods, and hormonal changes. Heartburn can be very painful and annoying but you don’t have to suffer. Ways of prevention Acid reflex can usually be prevented by a healthy alkaline diet. Also, by avoiding things like spicy, greasy, or […]