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The Benefits of Greens Added to Your Salad

The Benefits of Greens Added to Your Salad When we think about eating “healthier” the idea of having a salad usually comes to mind. However a plain old salad can be a bit boring at times, making weight loss and  lifestyle changes a lot harder. So, next time you’re in the mood for a fresh salad, try switching things up by adding more colorful fruits, veggies, nuts, and different types of leafy greens to your otherwise bland salad for fresh taste and loads of nutrients. Kale Kale is obvious choice when it comes to adding some extra nutrients into your […]

How to Use Essential Oils to Naturally Relieve Headaches

Many people suffer from mild or chronic headaches on a regular basis, which can make daily tasks miserable.  Reaching for a common pain-killer will temporarily numb the pain from a headache, but it’s not always the best choice.  Painkillers have many serious side effects including constipation, addiction, liver damage, and a weakened immune system, just to name a few.  Choosing essential oils over painkillers will not only alleviate your headache, but also improve your mood and general wellness.  Keep reading to learn how to use essential oils to naturally relieve headaches and promote a positive mood. Essential Oils for Headaches Essentials oils […]