2016 Superfoods You Need to Try

2016 Superfoods You Need to Try

2016 Superfoods You Need to Try

Nutritional powerhouses like kale, avocado, and coconut are now a staple in most super markets. So what does the health food world have in store for us next? Take a look at 5 of the new superfoods of 2016.  Health journalist and co-founder of Brighton Bone Broth Co Sarah Maber is helping us uncover the latest superfood trends.

Banana Flour 

Gluten free and made from green bananas, banana flour is about to steal the spotlight. It has a nutty flavor that can be added to smoothies, dressings, as well as a replacement to traditional flour. Thanks to it’s high levels of resistant starch and highly absorbent properties, a little goes a long way. That being said banana flour has been found to help manage blood sugar levels and protect against diabetes and colon cancer.


Kefir is the latest to join the list of must have fermented foods. It is rich in probiotics, the healthy bacteria that keeps our gut in good health. It has a similar consistency somewhere in between milk and yogurt, yet contains zero lactose, making it excellent for anyone suffering from digestive issues. It also contains high levels of calcium and phosphorous but has a bitter taste, so try adding it to your favorite smoothie recipe.

Bone Broth 

Bone broth has been deemed the forgotten superfood. It is rich in healthy proteins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and sodium, which may help prevent insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, and aid in proper digestion health. It also contains a good amount of collagen and gelatin, known for it’s ability to naturally promote healthy, hair, skin, and nails.

Maple Water

It is the purest form of sap that runs through the maple tree and it is bursting with health benefits. Rich in high levels of antioxidants and essential minerals that help manage blood sugar levels and promote healthy thyroid function. While promoting numerous health benefits, maple water is also very hydrating and often referred to as the new “wonder water”. More research is still needed on this amazing superfood, but for now we can still enjoy it as a very hydrating and health promoting beverage.


Kelp is packed with high levels of calcium, vitamin K, and many other essential nutrients. It’s also been said to help prevent certain types of cancer, including breast cancer. It’s natural levels of alginate fiber also works to help block fat. In it’s powdered form add it to smoothies, soups, etc.

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