Daily Archives: February 22, 2016

The Power of Green Tea

The Power of Green Tea Green tea’s healing powers have been used for thousands of years. Drinking green tea daily offers incredible health benefits and has long been used to treat anything from depression to everyday illnesses. Learn all about the power of green tea below. 1. Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory – Studies have shown that the powers of green tea can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation often caused by pathogenic infections. These powerful antioxidants have also been found to protect against certain types of cancers. 2. Antibacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-viral – Green tea can be used to help prevent bacterial growth, […]

6 Foods that Naturally Help Lower Blood Pressure

6 Foods that Naturally Help Lower Blood Pressure If you or someone you know is suffering from high blood pressure, it may be the cause of poor lifestyle choices. By incorporating the right types of foods into your diet, you can help manage and combat high blood pressure. It is as simple as replacing high-fat, sodium-rich, processed foods with fresh, clean whole foods. 1. Baked Potatoes Baked white potatoes are loaded with both magnesium and potassium, two vital nutrients that help keep the heart healthy. Maintaining a healthy balance of both minerals is a great way to manage and reduce high […]