Daily Archives: February 23, 2016

At Home Skin Care Tips

At Home Skin Care Tips You can never be too careful with your skin, which is why it’s so important that you are taking the right steps to ensure it stays healthy and clean. While there are many products available in stores, they are often full of harmful toxins and come with a pricey tag. Below we have a few skin care tips that can be done from your very own home. 5 At Home Skin Care Tips Olive Oil Olive oil is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants that can benefit the skin in many ways. It has […]

6 Foods that Are Healthier Raw

6 Foods that Are Healthier Raw To get the most out of your fresh produce, it is sometimes best to consume your foods raw, as cooking can diminish essential nutrients. Here are 6 foods that are healthier raw: 1. Beets Root vegetable are an excellent way to add plenty of hearty nutrients to your diet and beets are especially great when added to salads, wraps and more. Beets contain high levels of folate, which are essential of proper cell regeneration and keeping the body in shape. However, cooking beets destroys the folate present, so they are best when eaten raw. […]

Best Aromas to Improve Your Mood

Best Aromas to Improve Your Mood Did you know that by simply smelling a certain smell, your brain can experience a range of different emotions? Many essential oils are natural mood enhancers that promote positive thinking, relieve stress and anxiety, improve memory and ease the mind. There are a variety of different ways to incorporate essential oils into your hectic lifestyle. Many people use an essential oil diffuser to distribute it through the air, but you can also apply essential oils topically, inhale or added to a steamy bath. Below we have some of the best aromas to improve your mood. […]