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9 Foods that Will Clean Up Your Intestines

9 Foods that Will Clean Up Your Intestines We all know by now the importance of gut health, as it is essential for overall health and wellness. So, to better your health and gut health, we have 9 foods that will clean up your intestines. 1. Aloe Vera  Aloe vera juice is extremely beneficial for your intestines, due to it’s powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. The aloe gel/juice helps relieve most symptoms cause by serious inflammation including inflammation of the intestines. You can find aloe vera in most super markets or get it straight from the plant. 2. Green Tea Green tea is packed […]

Incredible Peppermint Health Benefits

Incredible Peppermint Health Benefits Peppermint has natural calming and rejuvenating properties that have long been used to help treat and relieve mental fatigue and muscle pain. It contains an impressive amount of essential vitamin and minerals as well as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and C. Peppermint is known to help treat a number of health ailments including stomach spasms. Here are 6 incredible health benefits of peppermint. Remedy for colds and flu Peppermint is a well-known remedy used to help treat colds and flu. Naturally, peppermint kills bacteria and viruses while also relieving achy pains in the body. The mint is […]

Naturally Tighten Your Skin with Superfoods

Naturally Tighten Your Skin with Superfoods Looking for a natural way to boost skin health all while tightening saggy skin? Try these at home remedies that help naturally tighten skin. Strawberries and Yogurt Yogurt has great moisturizing properties while strawberries are known to help naturally exfoliate the skin. Together, strawberries and yogurt can be used as a great facial mask to help improve blood circulation and soften the skin by tightening pores. Blend the strawberries and yogurt together until you create a smooth past. Apply directly to skin for about 10 minutes then rinse. Avocados Avocados help preserve moisture in the skin […]