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7 Powerful Remedies for Sinus Relief

7 Powerful Remedies for Sinus Relief Due to allergies, colds and bacterial infections, our sinus’s often tend to get clogged and infected. As a result, we are often left with serious discomfort and difficulty breathing. In some cases, serious sinus infections may lead to brain fever and meningitis. Just as certain foods may trigger these symptoms, regular intake of nutrient rich foods can combat these symptoms. Foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin A can help you build a strong defense against sinus infections and other health ailments. Below are 7 powerful remedies for sinus relief. 1.Stay Hydrated It’s important to […]

10 Reasons to Love Coconut

10 Reasons to Love Coconut Coconut oil has long been touted for it’s powerful health benefits and incredible skincare properties. It has also long been used as a healthier alternative to vegetable oils and other unhealthy oils. With natural hair care properties and  improves cholesterol levels, there are so many reasons to love coconut oil.  Below are 10 reasons to love coconut oil. 1. Rich in Healthy  Saturated Fat Coconut oil contains over 90% healthy saturated fat. The fat present in coconut oil contains essential building blocks for cells while the powerful medium-chain triglycerides can help support the immune system, nervous […]

10 Health Benefits of Green Tea

10 Health Benefits of Green Tea Being the second most consumed beverage in the world, it’s no wonder that green tea is particularly rich in antioxidants and health benefits. Consuming just three cups of green tea each day is believed to offer incredible health benefits on both the body and mind. Below are 10 health benefits of green tea. 1. Natural Skin Care The high amount of antioxidants found in green tea can help promote young and supple looking skin. This is also why you may often find creams and lotions containing green tea extracts. In addition, green tea can also prevent dryness, […]

Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food

Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food If you are prone to snacking on chips or running out for a burger every time you’re hungry, you may want to reconsider your snack of choice. As these foods can lead to weight gain and poor health. Thankfully, there are many healthy snacks available, perfect for on the go! It may be hard to change the habit at first, but over time your body will get used to it and you will naturally feel much better. Instead of stopping for a meal next time you get a craving, keep these healthy snacks on hand to […]

7 Oils for Stronger Hair

7 Oils for Stronger Hair Oiling has been used for thousands of years as an effective hair care method. It can be a safe and effective treatment for dry, damage and dull hair. Below we have some of the best oils for you to include into your beauty routine for stronger, healthier hair. Here are 7 oils for stronger hair. 1. Avocado Oil Just like avocados, avocado oil is also packed with beneficial nutrients for the hair and skin. With an abundance of nutrients such as vitamins A and B as well as as proteins that can help repair damaged hair, […]

Health Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

Health Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea Herbal tea is one of the most beneficial beverages you can consume. According to scientific studies and research, those who regularly drink herbal tea are more likely to have better health when compared to those who drank coffee or other hot beverages. There are hundreds of different types and blends of herbal tea, all of which have numerous healing properties, antioxidants and vital nutrients. According to research, drinking at least three cups of herbal tea each day can help improve overall immune health, while also keeping certain illness at bay. However, different herbal tea flavors offer different […]

9 Ways to Use Lavender for Skincare

9 Ways to Use Lavender for Skincare Essential oils can support our overall health from the inside, especially when it comes to skin care. From anti-inflammatory benefits to improved mental focus, essential oils are truly a miracle product from nature. Lavender essential oil is said to be one of the very few oils that can heal most areas of the body and mind. It is naturally soothing and refreshing with the power to aid in sleep while also boosting stamina and energy. With so many wonderful uses, it’s a no brainer to keep this oil on-hand at all times. Below […]

The Benefits of Fish Oil

The Benefits of Fish Oil Fish oil has been proven to offer many health benefits. These health benefits range from improved cognitive function to cardiovascular health. Many of the health benefits fish oil offers are due to the high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is one of nature’s richest source of omega-3 fatty acids, which also happens to be one of the most beneficial nutrients we can consume. In the diet, omega-3 fatty acids are especially good for heart health and overall health. Below are some of the outstanding benefits of fish oil. Cardiovascular benefits Scientific studies have found […]

Why You Should Eat Purple Fruits and Veggies

Why You Should Eat Purple Fruits and Veggies Purple fruits and vegetables do a whole lot more than add color to a summer dish. These foods are also loaded with powerful nutrients and beneficial antioxidants, making them an excellent addition to the diet. The purple pigment found in grapes, beets, purple cabbage, blackberries and plums can benefit our health in a number of ways. Below are a few reasons why you should eat purple fruits and veggies and how they may benefit you! 1. Anti-aging Purple fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that can help slow down aging while also […]

5 Stress Relieving Superfoods

5 Stress Relieving Superfoods Often times, when we begin to feel stressed, we also begin to crave unhealthy/comfort foods to help ease our mind and worries. However, junk food is only a temporary fix that can lead to unhealthy eating habits, poor health and may cause stressful situations to worsen over time. On top of stress, unhealthy snacking can also lead to mood swings, irritability and a number of other health ailments. Instead of loading up on unhealthy. sugars, trans fats and processed foods, consider choosing healthier options that actually combat stress in times of need. Below are 5 stress relieving […]