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Foods for Good Health and Weight Loss

Foods for Good Health and Weight Loss We all need fat in our diet, not only to maintain a healthy weight, but to also improve overall health. Though, we are not talking about just any kind of fat, but good-for-you monounsatureted fats. These fats are essential for overall health, cholesterol levels, heart health and weight loss. While including these fats into your diet, it is also important that you are staying away from trans fat and saturated fats. To get your started, we have 5 foods for good health and weight loss. Dark chocolate This is definitaly our favorite on […]

Health and Detox Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Health and Detox Benefits of Activated Charcoal It has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine and healer and now activated charcoal is proving just how valuable it can be. Activated charcoal actually absorbs harmful toxins and chemicals in the body and is not re-absorbed into the body. It assists in eliminating toxins, leaving your body clean and toxic-free. There are a variety of health benefits to gain from using activated charcoal. It has been found to assists in digestion health, promoting regular bowel movements, which also helps the body eliminate toxins absorbed by charcoal more quickly. You […]

8 Health Benefits of Ginger

8 Health Benefits of Ginger Ginger is one of the most popular kitchen ingredients used in the kitchen today. It is used in a variety of recipes and beverages and is often found in some desserts. Ginger has long been used for it’s medicinal properties, though many of us are unaware just how many uses ginger actually has. It contains potent antioxidants and strong anti-inflammatory benefits. It also contains bio active ingredients, including ginerol, which have powerful benefits that have been backed up clinically. When used in the diet, ginger offers a number of beneficial nutrients and healing properties for the […]

Cholesterol Lowering Superfoods

Cholesterol Lowering Superfoods From clogged arteries to an increased risk of heart disease, having high cholesterol levels can put your health at serious risk. Though, high cholesterol levels aren’t uncommon these days. This is why there has been a significant increase in the number of heart problems across America. Thankfully, there are many ways we can manage high cholesterol levels and hopefully lower them overtime. Along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and diet, we can promote overall health and improve our good cholesterol levels while also lowering the bad (LDL) cholesterol levels. Below are 7 cholesterol lowering superfoods […]

Luxurious Flavored Water Recipes

Luxurious Flavored Water Recipes In this day and age, it’s hard to get by without a few cups of coffee. While coffee isn’t an unhealthy part of the diet, waking up and drinking coffee first thing isn’t the best. This is because our body gets dehyrdated during the night. When you first wake up, it is always in your best interest to drink water first to replensih the body. This will also help wake you up and get your system ready for the day. However, we do understand that plain old water can get a bit boring. So, why not […]

Immune Boosting Superfoods for Winter

Immune Boosting Superfoods for Winter It turns out it takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Researchers are now finding an abundance of healthy foods that can help keep your immune system in check all year long. You can ensure your body’s health and immunity are running smoothly by filling your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables. But for a little extra punch, add the following foods below. Here are 8 immune boosting foods for winter. 1. Yogurt As long as you can eat yogurt without any side effects, this can be very effective in […]

5 Beauty Benefits of Honey

5 Beauty Benefits of Honey Raw honey is one of nature’s greatest gifts. Though most people only view honey from a culinary perspective, it actually hosts a number of health benefits. From sore throat benefits to preventing the common cold, honey remedies have been passed down for centuries. It’s health benefits can also be applied to certain areas of the body as well. And as research expands, honey’s beauty benefits also expand. Below are 5 beauty benefits of honey. 1. Soothes Sunburns Forget store bought lotions intended for sunburn relief and try raw honey. Not only will you be avoiding a […]

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea Hibiscus is a flower native to subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. While the flower is a beautiful scene, when dried and made into a tea, it becomes incredibly healing. Hibiscus tea is know for it’s great taste and aroma, though it is primarily used for it’s ability to manage blood pressure. It also host a number of other powerful healing benefits. Below are 5 powerful health benefits of hibiscus tea. 1. Blood Pressure Benefits  Along with dietary changes, hibiscus tea is an age-old way to help manage blood pressure levels. It has long been used […]

Natural Remedies for Cold Soars

Natural Remedies for Cold Soars If you have ever experienced a cold soar, you what what a pain they can be. Not only are they unappealing, but they can also be very painful and may spread easily. Though they do eventually heal on their own, there are many things we can do to speed up the process. Below are a few dermatologist recommended natural remedies for cold soars. Milk: This one may sound a bit strange. However, milk contains immunoglobins and the amino acid l-lysine, both of which can promote faster healing when you have a cold soar. Simply dip a cotton […]

The Super Powers of Sprouts

The Super Powers of Sprouts Sprouts are a very deserving superfood. They are a sustainable, affordable, living food packed with highly bio available nutrients. In fact, they are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth and the nutrients they contain are easily digested by the body. Many sprouts are known to have anti-cancer benefits and high levels of protein. They are proportionally more nutrient dense, compared to their more mature counterparts. And you can grow them in your very own kitchen! Continue reading to learn more about the super powers of sprouts. Radish sprouts. From immune boosting properties to weight […]