Daily Archives: November 7, 2016

Natural Tips for Healthy Skin

Natural Tips for Healthy Skin From the time we are teens up until our late twenties, proper skin care is vital. These are the developing years for our skin, and the most effective time for preventing early signs of aging. However, to achieve healthy, glowing skin, we must practice proper skin care maintenance and stick to it. Below are som easy and effective natural tips for healthy skin. Use protection.  Even if the weatherman has predicted partly cloudy skies, our skin is still at risk. Whether it’s partly cloudy or sunny and bright, the dangers of exposure to harmful UV rays […]

Top Fall Superfoods

Top Fall Superfoods With fall comes crisp air, beautiful autumn leaves and of course an abundance of fresh fall produce. These fruits and veggies are not only flavorful, but also host a number of impressive health benefits and nutrients. Below is a list of our favorite top fall superfoods. 1. Apples You have probably grown up on eating these crisp, juicy fruits. But most people don’t know just how beneficial apples are. They are filled with soluble fiber to help you feel fuller longer and contain very few calories, which contributes to weight loss. Plus, they are perfect for on […]