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4 Reasons to Use Essential Oils on Your Feet

4 Reasons to Use Essential Oils on Your Feet Essential oils are extracted from specific plants that possess strong healing powers. While holistic practitioners have utilized essential oils for years, it is not until recently they have become so popular. The use of essential oils ranges from skin health to better sleep and even improved digestion health. They can be applied topically to the skin, inhaled, added a diffuser or bath, candles, natural body care and much more! Though, the most effective place to apply these oils is one the soles of our feet. Below are five reasons to use essential oils on your […]

7 Effective Lemon Remedies that Work

7 Effective Lemon Remedies that Work If you love lemons already, you’re going to love them even more after reading this. Nowadays, lemons purposes stretch far beyond the kitchen. With their natural nutrients and health components, lemons offer a wide range of health benefits. They naturally help restore the body’s pH levels while also offering detox properties and weight loss benefits. Lemons can be used as is or in the form of juice, tea, specialty drinks and even bath soaks. They also possess natural antibacterial properties, making them an effective treatment for a variety of health ailments. Below are 9 effective […]