5 Essential Oils that Can Increase Libido

5 Essential Oils that Can Increase Libido

5 Essential Oils that Can Increase Libido

Having a low sex drive can negatively effect your relationship or marriage, as it slowly becomes an uneventful task for you. An active sex life is essential for a healthy love life and overall personal health. In many cases, erectile dysfunction or low libido in women is often related to depression, high stress and menopause. Thankfully, with a little help from essential oils, you can give your libido a much needed boost. Here are 5 essential oils that can increase libido and sex drive for men and women.

Jasmine oil: The floral scents of jasmine oil have shown to be helpful in relieving depression and stimulating senses, making you more alert. This oil can also improve arousal, which also further your sex drive. Keep jasmine essential oil your cabinet, and apply a few drops topically when necessary.

Rose oil: On top of an excellent aroma, rose oil has also been studied as an effective stress-relieving remedy. Studies also believe that rose oil may lower signs of depression and anxiety. Researchers have found that rose oil was effective in helping improve men’s libido and sexual dysfunctions. Apply rose oil topically to pulse points oil or use a diffuser in your room.

Clary sage oil: This oil is extremely beneficial for women, as it benefits menopause. Clary sage helps combat depression during menopause while also helping improve your sex drive.

Neroli oil: Neroli oil is extracted from the flowers of an orange tree. It is believed to be very beneficial for women going through menopause and may help reduce menopause related symptoms. It is also believed to increase ones sexual desire.

Fennel and anise oil:  Both fennel and anise seeds are known for their ability to help increase milk secretion, reduce cramps caused by menstruation and boost libido.

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