5 Mood Boosting Spring Fruits

5 Mood Boosting Spring Fruits

5 Mood Boosting Spring Fruits

If you’re feeling blue, or just looking to boost your mood and overall health, consider adding these 5 mood boosting spring fruits to your diet. Studies suggest that the following foods may help manage depression and depression related symptoms. Continue reading below to learn more about how these fruits many benefit you!

1. Tomatoes

According to research, a diet rich in tomatoes may help lower the chance of depression and depression-related symptoms. Lycopene, found in tomatoes is a powerful antioxidant that plays a major role in boosting one’s mood. Tomatoes are a very versatile food, try throwing them in salads and soups or making your own sauces with tomatoes.

2. Grapefruit

This yummy citrus fruit is known for its ability to help the body manage depression. It too contains lycopene, the same red pigment found in tomatoes. You can snack on grapefruit as they are, or try them in fresh fruit juices, added to salads, and much more!

3. Watermelon

Watermelon is a popular summer food, that may help cut down on your risk of depression. It is filled with health-boosting antioxidants and happens to contain even more lycopene than tomatoes. The lycopene found in watermelon has shown to help lower the risk for inflammation often associated with dementia and possible depression. Store sliced up watermelon in your fridge for a tasty and handy snack.

4. Guavas

Guava contains a number of vital nutrients including vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and phosphorus. Though it is also rich in lycopene, which can improve overall mood while also satisfying your taste buds. Try guavas in your morning smoothie, snack on them as is, or add them to a delicious fruit salad.

5. Papaya

Papayas are also rich in antioxidant nutrients, including carotenes, flavonoids, vitamins C, and B. It is also rich in folic acid, which has been linked to a lowering risk of depression. Include papayas in your morning smoothies, as an afternoon snack, or add them to your favorite fruit salad for some added benefits and nutrition.

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5 Fruits You Should Be Eating This Spring To Help Boost Your Mood

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