6 Fun Things to Do with Leftover Fruit and Vegetable Peelings

6 Fun Things to Do with Leftover Fruit and Vegetable Peelings

6 Fun Things to Do with Leftover Fruit and Vegetable Peelings

Next time you peel an apple or potato, consider saving the peelings. There are many fun and tasty things you can do with leftover peelings from both fruits and vegetables. Below are 6 fun things to do with leftover fruit and vegetable peelings, enjoy!

1. Make Hard Cider/Cider Vinegar

Many of us are aware of the powerful benefits of apple cider vinegar, but did you know that there are actually a number of different beneficial vinegars? With leftover scraps and peelings from certain fruits and veggies you can make a lot of healthy vinegars right from home. In addition to apples and pears, vinegars can also be made from pineapples, plums, raspberries and tomatoes. All you need are the leftover peelings, scraps, sugar and water. After about a week , the concoction will turn into a type of alcohol, which later turns into a delicious version of health boosting vinegar.

2. Re-grow Your Produce

Vegetable and fruit scraps are perfect for re-growing produce. Plus, it’s super easy and nearly free. Just save the parts you would otherwise be throwing out into the compost and save for re-growing, you can find many tutorials on how to re-grow your produce all over the internet. Grow anything from pineapple to lettuce, celery, sweet potatoes, scallions, ginger, garlic, potatoes and even papayas.

3. Make Specialty Seasonings/Teas

Leftover fruits and vegetable peelings are especially good for making your own spices, seasonings and loose-leaf tea. All you will need is a dehydrator (or an open oven on very low heat) peelings and seasonings. You can combine apple, cinnamon and sugar for a tasty spread for your toast or a homemade loose-leaf lemon ginger tea. The creations are endless and don’t forget the onions, garlic and other vegetables that can be dried and powdered.

4. Infuse Liquids with Them

Infusing can be done with a number of different liquids including liquors, water, vinegar and oil and the flavor possibilities are endless. Toss in a few jalapeno toppers for an even spicier blood Mary or a few strawberry tops and mint stems to infuse a nice ice cold cup of water. Herbs are especially good for infusing vinegars and oils to drizzle over salads or as a nice dip. You can also freeze scraps and herb stems in ice trays and save for a refreshing summer drink.

5. Make Air Freshener’s

Simmering pots filled with herbs, fruit and vegetable peelings can spruce up the air in any room. Dried fruit and vegetable peelings as well as herbs, spices and flowers from the garden can make an excellent long-lasting homemade potpourri.

6. Cook Them

Vegetable and fruit peelings can be excellent crisps or chips while the peelings and scraps also make for an excellent broth. Citrus peels can become homemade candy while vegetable peelings and leafy tops become nutritious crunchy snacks.

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