6 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain on Vacation

6 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain on Vacation

Summer is a busy time for vacationing and family getaways. However, it’s not always easy keeping your diet clean while away from home. In order to stay healthy while on vacation consider following these easy tips and tricks. Continue reading below to learn more about 6 ways to prevent weight gain on vacation.

Load up on local produce.

If you’re heading to a tropical location, be sure to load up on all the fresh fruits and vegetables. With an abundance of fruits and veggies, you will be getting all of the nutrition you need and fewer calories. Also, include plenty of lean protein, such as fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and meat.

Pick your own fruit.

Choose a location that offers local fruit picking. Blueberry picking, for example, helps keep everyone active, while also enjoying some fresh air and the sunshine. Plus, you will have fresh, delicious blueberries for the car ride home.

Stay Active.

Whether you’re walking around your resort, hiking in the mountains, or taking a stroll through the city, staying active while on vacation is key. Many resorts and local attractions offer kayaking adventures, hikes, dances lessons, and much more! Search the web or talk with your travel agencies to find what works best for you, to stay on track with your health and happiness.

Stock up on groceries.

One of the best ways to avoid overeating and snacking while on vacation is to stop at the local market. Stock up on fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and yogurt to get your day started. Then continue to enjoy nuts and fruits throughout the day to avoid unwanted snacking. This will also save you some time if you have a busy day planned. Also, consider making a stop at the local farmer’s market for even more fresh finds.

Get cooking when you get home.

There is nothing wrong with indulging on vacation. Just be sure, that once you’re home, you get back to your normal schedule and healthy eating habits. Incorporate some of your favorite meals and ingredients from your vacation into your everyday meals. You can always give your favorite meals and desserts a healthy twist. Add in some extra veggies whenever possible or opt for quinoa instead of rice and whole grain bread instead of white.

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