Amazing Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Amazing Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Amazing Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is often looked at as a treat, but any chocolate connoisseur knows it’s so much more than that. There is no doubting it’s pure deliciousness, but did you know it also hosts numerous health benefits? It contains an impressive nutritional content and plenty of heart-healthy fats. Some of the benefits of dark chocolate include improved digestion, mood and lowered stress levels. Continue reading below to learn more about the amazing health benefits of dark chocolate.

 Swap to Dark Chocolate

When eaten in moderation, dark chocolate is an excellent go-to treat.  If you’re not a dark chocolate fan, start with a chocolate bar that is around 50% dark chocolate and slowly build up to 70-85% dark chocolate. You can also try varieties with nuts/dried fruit, which combats the bitterness.

9 AMAZING Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate 

1. It’s a healthier option. 

Dark chocolate containing at least 70% percent cacao has a lot less sugar than milk chocolate. Being that it contains 70% or more cacao it also hosts a number of health benefits. When purchasing chocolate, always read the ingredient labels and choose brands with the least amount of sugar and a higher percent of cacao.

2. It makes you happy. 

One of the many reasons we love chocolate so much is that it stimulates dopamine, (the feel-good chemical), as well as serotonin levels, which offers a calming/relaxing effect.

3. Helps portion control

In addition to tasting great and offering many health benefits, dark chocolate has also shown to assist in portion control. The richness of this chocolate makes it easier to enjoy a small piece, rather than the entire bar.

4. Prevents cravings. 

Studies have found that participants ate less junk food after having dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is more satisfying and filling, which lessens your cravings for sweets, salty, and fatty foods

5. Promotes calmness and improves energy. 

Among its many health benefits, dark chocolate also contains high levels of magnesium, making it a great addition to the diet. Magnesium is needed for relaxation, muscle concentration, and healthy cardiovascular functions.

6. Boosts metabolism.

The catechins(antioxidants) found in dark chocolate have shown to effectively help raise resting metabolism.

7. Aids weight loss.

According to research, placing a small piece of dark chocolate on your tongue for about 20 minutes right before you eat can trigger the hormones that send the feeling of fullness. Whereas eating a small piece after your meals also prevent food cravings for desserts and junk food.

8. Prevents sugar spike. 

Because dark chocolate is rich in healthy fats, it has shown to help slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. This can help prevent the common sugar spike associated with milk chocolate and other sugary treats.

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9 (Surprising) Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

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