Benefits and Uses of Leftover Tea Bags

Benefits and Uses of Leftover Tea Bags

Benefits and Uses of Leftover Tea Bags

Save those tea bags next time you have a nice, warm cup of tea. Not only do they add flavor and aroma to start your day off right, but leftover tea bags also have multiple health benefits and uses. Below are some of the amazing benefits and uses of leftover tea bags.

Erases dark circles:

One of the most popular ways to use leftover tea bags is to place them under your eye to help remove stubborn dark circles. All you need are leftover tea bags that have been stored and cooled in the refrigerator. Place the cooled off tea bags directly under your eyes for about fifteen minutes. Repeat this process everyday for a month.

Making a strong flavored tea: 

For a stronger, more enhanced cup of tea, re-use your extra tea bags. Combine the old tea bags with the new ones during the brewing process and enjoy!

Bleeding gums:

If you are experiencing bleeding guns, you can apply tea bags to your gums to reduce the bleeding. This process not only soothes bleeding gums but also removes bad odors in the mouth. Leave the bags on gums for up to ten minutes.

Razor cuts:

If you’re suffering from a minor razor cut, but have no antiseptic within your home, consider using tea bags. Simply apply the tea bags directly to the razor cut to avoid any infection. This will also help sooth the wound, promote faster healing and reduce scaring.

Fridge freshener: 

Placing a few leftover tea bags in the refrigerator can help eliminate lingering odors while also keeping the fridge fresh with a new, natural aroma and feeling.

Treats acne:

If you frequently suffer from acne, you’re going to love this remedy. Start by cleaning your face with your daily facial moisturizer, then rub your leftover green tea bags on the affected areas. Store tea bags in the refrigerator prior before use. Continue this process for about two weeks or anytime acne acts up.

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