Benefits of Gut Healing Fermented Foods

Benefits of Gut Healing Fermented Foods

Benefits of Gut Healing Fermented Foods

A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy body without it we could and may be suffering from a number of health issues such as acne, ADHD, depression, constipation, diarrhea, hair loss and more. Most people are unaware of the importance of gut health and what it can do to change your health for better or worse.

Fermented foods are essential to a healthy gut and overall digestive system. They play a key role in health by balancing gut flora and maintaining good levels of bacteria in the body. Fermented foods have been eaten for thousands of years as a natural digestion aid, healer and immune booster. If you suffer from an ongoing, unresolved health issue, you may want to consider including fermented foods into your diet.


Using only fermented cabbage and salt, sauerkraut is incredibly nutritious. It is naturally loaded with healthy gut-boosting probiotics that aid in digestion health. Some studies suggest that the consumption of organic sauerkraut may prevents certain types of cancer cells from forming.

Real Pickles

With a similar taste to sauerkraut, real pickles (not the ones found on shelves) are made with cucumbers and an array of good for you spices. Real pickles are an excellent way to introduce your body to fermented foods and make for a great snack. They are loaded with good probiotics and minerals that aid in digestion and improve immune health.


Kombucha is an ancient beverage sold in most health food stores and when done properly can be made at home. It’s recently become more popular over the years due to it’s high levels of health boosting probiotics that have been found to aid in digestion health, fight bacteria, boost energy levels and promote healthy gut flora.

Beet Kvass

As the name states, beet Kvass is made from fermented beets. It is an ancient drink that originated in Eastern Europe and is believed to help heal the digestive system. It is known to help protect against a variety of diseases, as it significantly boosts gut health in-turn boosting immunity as well.


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