Cancer-fighting Foods

Cancer-fighting Foods

cancer-fighting foods

Cancer is one of the top killers around the world and in some way is affecting everyone. Now, there is no guarantee that anyone will be safe from serious health risks, but there is promising research showing us that food does help fight off and prevent painful disease and illness. Foods may not cure cancer and they may not work the same on everyone, but they do contain special nutrients that can help us fight these terrible diseases.

Where to begin

Plant-based, whole-food diets are the most studied diets due to their cancer-fighting abilities. Meat and dairy products have bee linked to promoting cancer cell growth, so start by avoiding animal products whenever possible. The for the most obvious, avoid smoking at all times and reduce your alcohol consumption. Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to take diet into place, which should include plenty of vegetables and fruits, especially leafy greens! And last but not least, start adding exercise into your daily lifestyle, at least 30-40 minutes a day. Here are 5 cancer-fighting to add to your diet!

1. Cabbage

However you choose to consume it, cabbage is an amazing disease fighting food. Cabbage contain numerous antioxidants, one of them being sulforaphane, which stops cancer cells from duplicating. It also contains fermentable bacteria that acts like the probiotic Lactobaccilli and provides good disease-fighting bacteria. Lactobaccilli is rich in many natural foods and helps boost gut health. Maintaining a healthy gut is crucial when it comes to a healthy immune system. Cabbage also contain an excellent amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps break down cell walls which then helps food to digest more easily.

2. Berries

Berries are loaded with antioxidants called anthocynanins, which is mainly where their cancer-fighting properties come from. They are what give berries and vegetables their beautiful colors but that’s not all they do! Anthocynanins help slow down the growth of premalignant cells and fight free radicals, which weaken the immune system and increase cancer risks as well. Berries are also well-known for being rich in vitamin C which boost immunity. They are a rich source of fiber that boosts your digestive system and prevents colon and bowel cancer and promotes a healthy gut.

3. Garlic

Garlic is a very well-known natural healer and antibiotic. It is  Studies have shown that garlic helps right off cancer especially stomach cancer, since it works hard in protecting the immune system and digestive tract. Garlic, like onions are part of the allium family and are shown to have powerful detoxifying benefits in just one small serving. Allium foods also help keep the blood, heart, liver, and joints healthy. Research has also shown that women who consume a lot of garlic are 50% less likely to develop breast cancer.


Walnuts are one of the healthiest of nuts and high in omega 3s. Walnuts both delicious and healthy, help fight off estrogen dominance that has been linked to cancer cell growth. Estrogen dominace usually effects those who eat a lot of processed foods, red meat, dairy and little fruits and veggies. Walnuts also help improve heart health and lower bad cholesterol. They also help stop estrogen receptors found in breast cancer cells.

5. Broccoli 

Eveyone should be consuming cruciferous veggies, especially broccoli. It is packed with sulfurophane and anti-inflammatory benefits. Broccoli helps cleanse out excess estrogen we get from certain foods like meats, the environment, and even skin-care and household products. Excess estrogens have been associated to abnormal cell growth.

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