Coconut Oil

10 Reasons to Love Coconut

10 Reasons to Love Coconut Coconut oil has long been touted for it’s powerful health benefits and incredible skincare properties. It has also long been used as a healthier alternative to vegetable oils and other unhealthy oils. With natural hair care properties and  improves cholesterol levels, there are so many reasons to love coconut oil.  Below are 10 reasons to love coconut oil. 1. Rich in Healthy  Saturated Fat Coconut oil contains over 90% healthy saturated fat. The fat present in coconut oil contains essential building blocks for cells while the powerful medium-chain triglycerides can help support the immune system, nervous […]

Eat 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil Everyday and Watch This Happen to Your Body

Eat 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil Everyday and Watch This Happen to Your Body Coconut oil is the edible oil derived straight from the meat of a coconut. It is an amazing addition any part of a healthy, well-balanced diet and offers the body uncountable health benefits. It contains over 90% saturated fats that contain essential building blocks for our cells. Coconut oil is a powerful healing agent, benefiting immune and thyroid health and offering support to the nervous system. This super oil contains zero cholesterol and about 50% lauric acid, also offering support to the cardiovascular system, which helps […]

12 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs 1

12 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs We all want to provide the best health for our furry friends, so why not try coconut oil? It’s safe, natural and effective. We all know the amazing health benefits coconut oil has offers to humans and it can work great for your dogs health as well. Coconut oil can benefit your four legged friend from the inside out. However, dosage does depend on the size of your dog. Here are 12 benefits of coconut oil for digs. 1. Great for your dog’s skin and coat Rubbing coconut oil on your dog is […]

4 Best Ways to Use Coconut Oil

4 Best Ways to Use Coconut Oil Coconut oil has become very popular and much loved for it’s many uses. It is extremely easy to incorporate coconut oil into your life, making it super easy to reap the many benefits. Coconut oil is often referred to as a miracle product from the tree of life. It is a natural immune boost and said to help the body better absorb certain nutrients. Here are some of the 4 best ways to use coconut oil. Cooking Coconut oil is a fabulous oil to use for cooking and a great way to ensure you’re […]