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Super Benefits of Eating Probiotic Rich Foods

Super Benefits of Eating Probiotic Rich Foods Probiotic-rich foods are crucial for gut health, digestion, immune health and nutrient absorption. However, due to modernized agricultural practices and the need for refrigeration, our food contains very few probiotics. In fact, many of the foods we eat today contain certain elements that can kill the good bacteria in our body. Thus, leading to both minor and serious health concerns. Probitics are often referred to as “good” or “healthy” bacteria because they help promote gut health and overall health. They are mainly found in fermented foods including kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha and kefir. Below […]

5 Ways Fermented Foods Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Fermented Foods Can Improve Your Health Improve the natural state of you health with fermented foods. This includes foods like pickled veggies, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, yogurt, etc. Fermented foods are packed with health promoting probiotics that are believed to help reverse, slow and prevent a number of health ailments and diseases. Here are 5 ways fermented foods can improve your health. 1. Healthier gut Fermented foods are known for their high concentration of friendly bacteria, also known as probiotics, which help maintain healthy levels of bacteria in the gut. A healthy gut is the base of overall health […]

Benefits of Gut Healing Fermented Foods

Benefits of Gut Healing Fermented Foods A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy body without it we could and may be suffering from a number of health issues such as acne, ADHD, depression, constipation, diarrhea, hair loss and more. Most people are unaware of the importance of gut health and what it can do to change your health for better or worse. Fermented foods are essential to a healthy gut and overall digestive system. They play a key role in health by balancing gut flora and maintaining good levels of bacteria in the body. Fermented foods have been eaten […]

10 New Superfoods You Need in Your Kitchen

10 New Superfoods You Need in Your Kitchen Superfoods have become very popular in the health food word, but with so much talk about kale and quinoa, we often forget that there are thousands of other nutrient rich superfoods out there. Superfoods that have been around for thousands of years are now just being introduced to us and we couldn’t be more happy! With all the amazing superfoods out there, we have narrowed it down to 10 new superfoods you need in your kitchen. Lingonberries A lot like cranberries, lingonberries also contain a substance known to help fight and prevent urinary […]

Build a Healthy Gut with Fermented Foods

Build a Healthy Gut with Fermented Foods Gut health is one of the most talked about health concerns today. Which makes sense, since our gut controls and deals with almost every aspect of our health. The gut controls anything from our mood, to our weight, hormones, overall health and wellness, cravings, and of course how we digest our food. It even determines the food sensitivities we have. In a sense, our gut determines our overall health. How to Regain Gut Health: One of the best and most natural ways to regain gut balance and digestion health is to give your body more good […]

Healthforce Vitamineral Green

Vitamineral Green Reviews, Q&A, Tips – Healthforce Nutritionals 2

Vitamineral Green Superfood Powder Reviews, Q&A, & Tips What is Healthforce Nutritionals Vitamineral Green Superfood Powder? Vitamineral Green Powder is a superior, nutritionally dense, therapeutic green superfood powder. Vitamineral green is formulated by Jameth Sheridan, to nutritionally support blood sugar, detoxification, immune system, liver, kidneys, blood, bones, colon, pancreas, muscles, brain, regularity, circulation, and longevity. Vitamineral Green is nature’s multivitamin, a collection of 30 of the most micronutrient-rich superfoods on the planet. All of the ingredients are carefully processed and dried at low temperatures to retain maximum nutrient integrity. Vitamineral Green Reviews Lilly – Healthforce Vitamineral Green Superfood Extremely high […]

Protein Packed Greek Yogurt

Protein Packed Greek Yogurt Move over yogurt, because Greek yogurt is taking your place as a thicker, richer, healthier snack. Greek yogurt is basically yogurt that is strained to remove the whey and because it is so much more concentrated, it packs way more protein. The Power of Protein Packed Greek Yogurt Removing the whey from yogurt makes the Greek yogurt a lot healthier, in fact, it has 40 percent less sugar and 38 percent less sodium compared to regular yogurt. It also contains 2 times the amount of protein and is a powerful source of this vital macro-nutrient. 8 ounces of […]

5 Fabulous Superfoods You Should Be Eating

5 Fabulous Superfoods You Should Be Eating The word “superfoods” hasn’t quit made it to the dictionary yet, but they are becoming more popular each day and much easier to find in grocery stores. They are loaded with nutrients and health promoting properties and they are packed with antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber, phytochemicals, and polyphenols. Superfoods promote good heart health, cancer prevention properties, lower the risk of developing certain diseases such as obesity, high blood-pressure, and diabetest to name a few. Eating a well-balanced diet, rich in superfoods will improve immune system health and longevity. Here are 5 fabulous superfoods you should be eating more […]

Gut Cleansing Foods

Gut Cleansing Foods A healthy gut is essential for a healthy body, but unfortunately digestive issues are becoming more common with each passing year. Nearly 70% of the cells that make up our immune systems are in the walls of our gut. Poor digestion, diet, stress, and toxins can really damage your health, which is why gut health is so important. Your gut health is determined by what you’re putting into your body. Start including gut-healthy foods into your diet each day, these foods naturally help cleanse and promote a healthy gut as well as clear the colon of toxic build-up, aid in weight loss, […]

Apples may reduce weight, cholesterol, risk of diabetes and cancer

Apples may reduce weight, cholesterol, risk of diabetes and cancer We all know the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, which has been proven to be accurate with scientific studies to back it up. Studies have found that apples may help reduce weight loss, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer. How apples benefits weight loss Apples are rich in fiber and polyphenols, which are non-digestible and promote healthy gut bacteria that helps with weight loss. Studies have found that instead of fiber and polyphenols going through the digestion process, they are left fermenting in the colon, which […]