Fruits & Berries

Top 10 Fruits that Naturally Burn Fat

Top 10 Fruits that Naturally Burn Fat Fruits and vegetables are an important part of weight loss, as they provide the body with essential nutrients, lower the risk for disease and fight bad cholesterol. They typically have a low-calorie content, which is ideal for weight loss, loads of fiber and plenty of fat-burning properties. Below are the top 10 fruits that naturally burn fat to include in your weight loss program. 1. Tomatoes Red fruits are typically high in flavonoids, which tomatoes happen to be packed with. And they are especially helpful when it comes to weight loss. In the diet, […]

Top Benefits of Peaches

Top Benefits of Peaches Peaches are a widely popular fruit, especially during late summer, which is when they are at the peak of their ripeness. They are extremely delicious, versatile and have a great texture. But apart from being tasty, peaches are also packed with nutrition and incredible health benefits. Though their health benefits are unknown to most who eat them. Peaches host a broad range of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber. They are also low in calorie and contain no saturated fat or cholesterol. If you love peaches as much as we do, continue reading below […]

Luxurious Flavored Water Recipes

Luxurious Flavored Water Recipes In this day and age, it’s hard to get by without a few cups of coffee. While coffee isn’t an unhealthy part of the diet, waking up and drinking coffee first thing isn’t the best. This is because our body gets dehyrdated during the night. When you first wake up, it is always in your best interest to drink water first to replensih the body. This will also help wake you up and get your system ready for the day. However, we do understand that plain old water can get a bit boring. So, why not […]

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea Hibiscus is a flower native to subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. While the flower is a beautiful scene, when dried and made into a tea, it becomes incredibly healing. Hibiscus tea is know for it’s great taste and aroma, though it is primarily used for it’s ability to manage blood pressure. It also host a number of other powerful healing benefits. Below are 5 powerful health benefits of hibiscus tea. 1. Blood Pressure Benefits  Along with dietary changes, hibiscus tea is an age-old way to help manage blood pressure levels. It has long been used […]

4 Foods You Should Eat Everyday

4 Foods You Should Eat Everyday The term “superfood” is typically used to describe a food that is exceptionally rich in nutrition and health benefits. These foods are especially rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. Eating them regularly is believed to help reduce the risk for chronic illness and disease while also improving overall health and longevity. Incorporating superfoods into your daily diet is a lot easier than you might think. It’s also an easy way to load up on the essential vitamins and minerals our body requires for optimal health. Below are 4 foods you should eat everyday. Cacao Raw […]

Improve Your Health with Pomegranates

Improve Your Health with Pomegranates Among the many fruits out there and their amazing healing properties, pomegranates often get overlooked. Though, they are one of our favorites. Since ancient times pomegranates have been a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine and other natural healing remedies. They have an impressive nutritional value, loaded with antioxidants and many essential vitamins and minerals. Below are five ways you can improve your health with pomegranates. 1. Heart Health & Blood Pressure Both the juice and the seeds of the pomegranate are filled with potassium and polyphenols, which prevent radical damage and oxidation. In addition, the powerful antioxidants […]

10 Reasons to Love Blackberries

10 Reasons to Love Blackberries Blackberries are other berries alike are considered superfoods because of their superior health properties. Blackberries are loaded with disease fighting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Below are 10 reasons to love blackberries. 1. Antioxidants Blackberries are one of the highest ranking foods for their antioxidant content. Antioxidants can help protect our cells from damaging free radicals. 2. Calories One cup of blackberries contains just 62 calories. 3. Cognitive conditions Studies believe that eating blackberries regularly can help protect against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as well as improve cognitive function.  4. Color The dark color of blackberries comes […]

10 Fruits for a Slimmer Waistline

10 Fruits for a Slimmer Waistline Nutrient-rich fruits are a natural part of the diet and offer immense health benefits. These superfoods can aid in anything from blood pressure health to weight loss. Eating at least five portions of fruits and veggies each day is one of the best ways to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle and diet while also staying disease free. While many fruits can be eaten to improve the health of our skin or lower the risk other health ailments, many fruits can also help improve your weight loss goals. Below are 10 fruits for a slimmer […]

5 Common Foods You Didn’t Know Were Superfoods

5 Common Foods You Didn’t Know Were Superfoods We love adding in new foods to our diet, epsecially those with superior health benefits and nutrients. However, there are still everyday, common foods that are also nutrient-dense and loaded with health benefits. Below are 5 common foods you didn’t know were superfoods. 1. Watermelon Watermelon not only keeps the body hydrated, but it also supplies us with vital nutrients that aid in weight loss and improve overall health. It is about 92 percent water, rich in powerful antioxidants including lycopene, vitamins A, C and B6, as well as some potassium and essential […]

12 Reasons to Eat More Pomegranates

12 Reasons to Eat More Pomegranates Bursting with juicy goodness, pomegranates pack quite a healthy punch. They are an excellent source of powerful nutrients, antioxidants and strong anti-inflammatory properties. Pomegranates in the diet can help improve a number of health ailments while also reduce the risk for more serious health concerns. Below are 12 reasons to eat more pomegranates. 1. Just one pomegranate packed nearly 600 seeds and they are all loaded with vitamin C. The seeds from this fruit provide you with about 40 % of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C. 2. Pomegranates are an excellent source […]