High Fiber Foods

Top 10 Fruits that Naturally Burn Fat

Top 10 Fruits that Naturally Burn Fat Fruits and vegetables are an important part of weight loss, as they provide the body with essential nutrients, lower the risk for disease and fight bad cholesterol. They typically have a low-calorie content, which is ideal for weight loss, loads of fiber and plenty of fat-burning properties. Below are the top 10 fruits that naturally burn fat to include in your weight loss program. 1. Tomatoes Red fruits are typically high in flavonoids, which tomatoes happen to be packed with. And they are especially helpful when it comes to weight loss. In the diet, […]

Foods for Good Health and Weight Loss

Foods for Good Health and Weight Loss We all need fat in our diet, not only to maintain a healthy weight, but to also improve overall health. Though, we are not talking about just any kind of fat, but good-for-you monounsatureted fats. These fats are essential for overall health, cholesterol levels, heart health and weight loss. While including these fats into your diet, it is also important that you are staying away from trans fat and saturated fats. To get your started, we have 5 foods for good health and weight loss. Dark chocolate This is definitaly our favorite on […]

Superfoods that Relieve Constipation

Superfoods that Relieve Constipation Do you ever find it hard to pass stool with ease? If so, then you might need to switch up your diet. Certain plant-based foods can offer relief to constipation and may even prevent it from reoccurring. Digestion related issues are serious ailments that can cause troubles throughout your day, especially constipation. Whether it’s keeping you from fulling your daily duties or causing extreme discomfort, constipation is nothing to mess around with. Serious constipation may be the cause of dehydration, colon cancer, poor diet, indigestion, stress or caused by certain medications. In fact, constipation can actually lead to […]

The Benefits of Fenugreek

The Benefits of Fenugreek Fenugreek is an essential herb and legume throughout South America, India, Europe and Mediterranean. It has long been used for it’s powerful medicinal properties and is now considered an effective supplement. It’s various uses make this superfood even more valuable for culinary and healing properties. It has several effects on overall health and well being, as it contains many essential nutrients.  Below are some of the various studies done on the benefits of fenugreek. Health Benefits of Fenugreek: Appetite Control Properties – Three different studies have shown that fenugreek seeds may significantly reduce appetite and fat intake. One study […]

9 Energizing Superfoods

9 Energizing Superfoods Do you ever catch yourself continually yawning mid-afternoon? Or have those days where you just feel sluggish? We’ve all been there and sometimes coffee just doesn’t do the trick. Thankfully, there may be a solution to your afternoon drowsiness. Superfoods are packed with vital nutrients that provide the body with long-lasting sustainable energy to keep you going throughout the day. Here is a guide to 9 energizing superfoods. 1. Eggs Eggs are super nutritious and an affordable protein source. In fact, eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on earth. They are full of sustainable energy and loads of essential […]

Why Blueberries are the Best Food for Your Health

Why Blueberries are the Best Food for Your Health They contain an impressive antioxidant content and flavor that will make anyone’s taste-buds happy. Blueberries are also low in calories making them great for weight loss and contain a variety of health benefits backed by research. There are so many reasons to start eating blueberries today! Continue reading below to learn why blueberries are the best food for your health. Low in Calories, High in Nutrients – Blueberries are amongst some of the most nutritious berries we can eat, with one cup containing just 84 calories. They are packed with antioxidants, fiber, […]

7 Colon Cleansing Foods

7 Colon Cleansing Foods A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy body and mind. Unfortunately digestive issues aren’t uncommon, which is why it’s time we take charge and clean up our colon. It is so important that we are consuming plenty of gut-cleansing foods while also maintaining a healthy diet. Below we have 7 colon cleansing foods. Apples or Apple Cider Vinegar Apples and apple cider vinegar both contain a healthy dose of fiber, which is well-known for it’s ability to promote a healthy digestive system. The high levels of pectins found in apples have been found to help flush […]

Benefits of Eating a Banana a Day

Benefits of Eating a Banana a Day According to research, eating a banana a day has numerous health benefits along with plenty of nutrients. Here are 5 benefits of eating a banana a day.  1.Weight Loss If you’re looking for healthy weight loss snacks, start eating bananas. They are naturally sweet, which will help curve your afternoon cravings for sugary treats. A regular size banana contains just 90 calories, which is a forth of the amount of calories you would be getting from a high fat candy bar. Eating a banana a day in-between breakfast and lunch is  great way […]

Top New Superfoods for Weight Loss

Top New Superfoods for Weight Loss To help keep up with your weight loss resolutions this year, we have put together a list of the top new superfoods for weight loss. Pulses Pulses belong to the legume family, they are a small grain that come in a variety of shapes, size and color within a pod. They are fairly inexpensive and readily available in most local grocery stores. They have been touted for being a great weight loss food and  helping slim down weight lines while also lower blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. If you’re looking for a healthy […]

12 Health Benefits of Bananas

12 Health Benefits of Bananas Bananas are often referred to as nature’s best snack, packed with essential nutrients and flavor. You will never say no to eating a banana again after learning about all of their wonderful health benefits. Energy Bananas are a great way to improve energy levels. If you struggle to wake up in the morning, start your day with banana. Bananas are an excellent addition to smoothies and can be added to yogurts or breakfast cereal. If you’re feeling fatigued at anytime throughout your day, snack on banana to fight exhaustion and tiredness. Hydration Believe it or […]