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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumbers

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumbers Cucumbers are a hydrating, low-calorie vegetable with a variety of health benefits. They consist of about 95 percent water and contain an impressive amount of nutrients. Cucumbers are rich in fiber and contain a number of and B vitamins, which benefit stress levels while the fiber improves digestion. Below are 7 amazing health benefits of cucumbers: Diabetes. Cucumbers possess a hormone required by the beta cells in the body during insulin production. They also have a Glycemic Index of zero, which is beneficial for diabetics. The presence of carbohydrates and their result on the body […]

Here are the Amazing Health Benefits of Kombucha

Here are the Amazing Health Benefits of Kombucha Kombucha is a highly beneficial beverage, usually made from fermented black tea, bacteria, yeast and sugar. It is a nutritional powerhouse, as it contains a number of vital nutrients, including, B-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and high concentrations of acid. In the diet, kombucha is believed to help promote health as well as protect against certain health ailments. This is due to it’s four main properties, which include immune boosting, detoxification, anti-oxidation and energizing potencies. Here are the amazing health benefits of kombucha for your health. Promotes Detoxification The beneficial probiotics and gluconic acid present in […]

6 Superfoods that Help Remove Heavy Metals

6 Superfoods that Help Remove Heavy Metals We have all be exposed to some amount of heavy metals during our lifetime, and unfortunately these toxic metals can lead to both minor and serious health concerns. Whether they are being absorbed through your food, water or cosmetics, these toxic metals can build up over time if not properly detoxed. Fortunately, there are many foods we can add to the diet to help our bodies naturally remove these metals. Here are 6 superfoods that help remove heavy metals. 1. Spirulina Spirulina is a powerful blue-green algae with over 60% complete protein. It […]

5 Super Easy Ways to Detox this Summer

5 Super Easy Ways to Detox this Summer Summer is the perfect time to cleanse the body with health boosting, juicy fruits and vegetables. Not to mention, when the weather is warm, it is a lot easier for the body to detox. What we eat from day to day does matter, as the good habits add up and the bad ones take a serious toll on our health. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to flush out toxins, clear your mind, boost energy levels and improve the way you feel from the inside out, try loading up […]

5 Ways Fermented Foods Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Fermented Foods Can Improve Your Health Improve the natural state of you health with fermented foods. This includes foods like pickled veggies, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, yogurt, etc. Fermented foods are packed with health promoting probiotics that are believed to help reverse, slow and prevent a number of health ailments and diseases. Here are 5 ways fermented foods can improve your health. 1. Healthier gut Fermented foods are known for their high concentration of friendly bacteria, also known as probiotics, which help maintain healthy levels of bacteria in the gut. A healthy gut is the base of overall health […]

7 Health Boosting Juice Recipes

7 Health Boosting Juice Recipes If you’re having a hard time getting enough fruits and veggies into your diet, you may want to consider adding fresh juice to your diet. Juicing allows you to fill your body with a variety of healthy nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables. All you need is a juicer and plenty of fruits and veggies! Below are 7 quick and easy health boosting juice recipes that are sure to pack in plenty of fruits and veggies into your diet, helping you achieve optimal health. Boost immunity Ingredients: • 2 medium sized apples • 6 medium carrots • 2 […]

Allergy Friendly Detox Superfoods

Allergy Friendly Detox Superfoods Ending the year with parties, cocktails and gobs of foods, we could all benefit from cleansing the body. Without jumping into a week long detox, try incorporating these allergy friendly detox superfoods into your diet for a clean, easy body cleanse. Seaweed This nutrient-dense sea vegetable is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is especially rich in iodine, which naturally boosts the metabolism. To naturally cleanse and detox your body of lead and cadmium, consider munching of some powerful sea veggies. If you’re watching your sodium intake, opt for kelp instead of nori, as it […]

Try Coconut Products for a Healthy Change

Try Coconut Products for a Healthy Change Coconut oil and coconut products are gaining a lot of popularity with each coming day. It’s not only an excellent kitchen accessory, but also great for personal care as well. With a wide variety of coconut products out there, you can be sure to enhance your health in many ways. Coconut products can easily replace unhealthy oils, dairy, gluten, wheat and sugar in baking as well as many other products including moisturizers, oral, and hair care. Benefits of including coconut products into your life: The healthy saturated fats found in coconut oil contains essential building […]

9 Best Juices for Glowing Skin

9 Best Juices for Glowing Skin Fresh juice is known to naturally bring a fresh looking glow to the skin. Drinking fresh juice is an excellent opportunity to consume fruits and vegetables for those who don’t enjoy eating raw fruits or veggies. Plus, you will be consuming more nutrients. 1. Apple Juice Apple juice is said to be ideal for skin care. The high antioxidant levels found in apple juice help reduce premature aging and wrinkles. 2. Carrot Juice Carrots high levels of vitamin A that work as a natural antioxidants to help protect against dangerous free radicals, sun damage, prevent acne, […]

Give These Unconventional Foods a Try

Give These Unconventional Foods a Try If you’re thinking of giving your body a natural detox, consider eating more whole foods. This will boost your energy levels while also cleansing your body at the same time. Whole foods are full of health promoting benefits, antioxidants, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Try adding these 5 foods to your diet for a natural everyday cleanse and detox. Sweet Potatoes  Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta-carotene. Their antioxidants help boost the immune system while also preventing and repairing cell damage. They help regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation and naturally heal wounds. Sweet potatoes are […]