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Natural Toothache Remedies

Natural Toothache Remedies We are all bound to experience a few toothaches in our lifetime. Though they are miserable and quit painful, they can be managed. Toothaches can occur at any time during the day, which often leaves us without a chance to get the the dentist right away. From mild to server pain, toothaches aren’t too easy to ignore. So, until you can get yourself the proper care, try these natural toothache remedies. Clove oil Clove oil is often touted as one of the best natural toothache remedies, as it has strong anti-microbial properties. If you are suffering from […]

Here are the Amazing Health Benefits of Kombucha

Here are the Amazing Health Benefits of Kombucha Kombucha is a highly beneficial beverage, usually made from fermented black tea, bacteria, yeast and sugar. It is a nutritional powerhouse, as it contains a number of vital nutrients, including, B-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and high concentrations of acid. In the diet, kombucha is believed to help promote health as well as protect against certain health ailments. This is due to it’s four main properties, which include immune boosting, detoxification, anti-oxidation and energizing potencies. Here are the amazing health benefits of kombucha for your health. Promotes Detoxification The beneficial probiotics and gluconic acid present in […]

At Home Remedies for a Sore Throat

At Home Remedies for a Sore Throat As soon as you begin to feel the itchy, scratchy sensation of a sore throat, give these natural remedies a try. From turmeric milk to herbal tea, natural remedies are able to offer quick relief to sore throats and coughs. Plus, they are safe and easy to make. Below are 5 at home remedies for a sore throat. Turmeric milk: Turmeric has a long been used as a main ingredient in many natural  healing methods. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties present in turmeric can offer great relief to sore throats and coughs. Simply add a […]

Quick Ways to Relieve Heartburn

Quick Ways to Relieve Heartburn Heartburn is typically caused by gas build up in your stomach that pushes up into your throat, which creates a burning sensation. While over-counter meds can offer relief from heartburn, you may want to save some pennies and try these natural at-home remedies. Below are 6 quick ways to relieve heartburn. Amla (Gooseberry) Drink:  Alma is loaded with vitamin C, which naturally aids in digestion. Simply grind the alma fruit well, mix it with a half cup of water and drink to relieve heart burn. Chew On Anise seeds: Anise seeds have anti-ulcer properties that can help […]

The Best Essential Oils for Muscle Repair

The Best Essential Oils for Muscle Repair At some point, we have all experienced some sort of muscle soreness or pain whether it’s deep in our neck, arms or legs. Muscle soreness is a common issue and whatever the cause may be, it’s still a pain in the butt. Thankfully, relieving pain from your muscles can be as easy as rubbing a little oil onto your calf. Essential oils are some of the best natural healers, especially for muscle soreness, joint pain and inflammation throughout the body. Below are some of the best essential oils for muscle repair. 1. Lavender […]

Benefits and Uses of Leftover Tea Bags

Benefits and Uses of Leftover Tea Bags Save those tea bags next time you have a nice, warm cup of tea. Not only do they add flavor and aroma to start your day off right, but leftover tea bags also have multiple health benefits and uses. Below are some of the amazing benefits and uses of leftover tea bags. Erases dark circles: One of the most popular ways to use leftover tea bags is to place them under your eye to help remove stubborn dark circles. All you need are leftover tea bags that have been stored and cooled in the refrigerator. […]

5 Important Benefits of Curcumin

5 Important Benefits of Curcumin Curcumin is an active primary component found in turmeric, a popular cooking spice and superfood. It has numerous health benefits including immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. To get the most out of this potent extract, combine it with healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocados, black pepper extract, etc. Below are 5 important benefits of curcumin. 1. Anti-inflammation Curcumin contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation throughout the body at the cellular level. Studies also suggest that curcumin may help soothe inflammation in the middle layer of the eye as well as kidney inflammation. 2. […]

Natural Remedies for Summer Bites, Burns and Stings

Natural Remedies for Summer Bites, Burns and Stings Bites, burns and stings and an inevitable part of summer, but you don’t have to suffer. Thankfully there are a number of natural health remedies that offer almost instant relief to bites and burns. Try these Natural Remedies for Summer Bites, Burns and Stings Insect Bites and Stings –Sliced onion: Onions contain strong anti-inflammatory enzymes that offer relief. Slice your onion and rub it to the affected area for fast natural relief. –Raw honey: This ancient natural remedy has powerful anti-microbial properties that can help sooth itching and burning caused from bites and stings. It […]

Natural Ways to Relieve a Headache

Natural Ways to Relieve a Headache We all experience headaches sometime in our life, whether it’s a regular occurrence or a one-time ordeal, reaching for medications isn’t always to best option. Thankfully, there are numerous natural remedies out there that often deliver instant relief from headaches. Below are five easy, natural ways to relieve a headache. 1. Peppermint oil Peppermint oil has long been  praised for it’s many healthy qualities and it’s ability to act as an antispasmodic. Herbs containing antispasmodic properties have been found to help relieve muscle spasms and tension in the body. Peppermint oil is known for […]

Health Benefits of Eating Dragon Fruit

Health Benefits of Eating Dragon Fruit The dragon fruit is a strange looking fruit native to Central America. The dragon fruit has a very impressive amount of phytonutrients, antioxidants and other health boosting nutrients. Though it may seem strange at first, this superfruit is extremely tasty and super easy to eat. When consumed one a regular basis, the dragon fruit can aid in a number of health ailments. Below are some surprising health benefits of eating dragon fruit. Aids in Weight Loss The dragon fruit is very low in calories, making it great for weight loss, as it is a tasty […]