Nontoxic Cleaners

7 Effective Lemon Remedies that Work

7 Effective Lemon Remedies that Work If you love lemons already, you’re going to love them even more after reading this. Nowadays, lemons purposes stretch far beyond the kitchen. With their natural nutrients and health components, lemons offer a wide range of health benefits. They naturally help restore the body’s pH levels while also offering detox properties and weight loss benefits. Lemons can be used as is or in the form of juice, tea, specialty drinks and even bath soaks. They also possess natural antibacterial properties, making them an effective treatment for a variety of health ailments. Below are 9 effective […]

Amazing Benefits of Carrots for Skin Health

Amazing Benefits of Carrots for Skin Health Carrots are a staple in most vegetarian diets and many households. They are a great way to include plenty of vitamin A and powerful nutrients into your diet as well as a variety of health benefits. Since carrots are so rich in powerful antioxidants, they offer ultimate protection against many skin conditions and they are extremely easy to incorporate into your diet. Acne Prevention Carrots are a good source of retinal, a powerful form of vitamin A that helps fight the accumulation of dead skin cells in the pores. Regular consumption of carrots can help prevent […]

Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Essential Oils and Their Benefits Essential oils have long been used in various traditional medicinal methods. There is a number of essential oils available, all of which host a variety of health benefits including treatment for many illnesses and diseases as well as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antibiotic properties. Essential oils date all the way back to 4500 BC and are still commonly used today in many households. Here are our favorite essential oils and their benefits. Eucalyptus Eucalyptus has a fresh and invigorating scent.  It is both calming and rejuvenating that may help reduce mental fatigue and muscle pain. Eucalyptus has powerful […]

Nontoxic Cleaners that Should be in Every Home

Nontoxic Cleaners that Should be in Every Home Cleaning with nontoxic household products is a lot safer than conventional cleaning products. Below are five natural housekeeping products that can clean just about anything: Baking Soda Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and makes an excellent cleaning scrub for sinks, counter tops, ovens, and bath tubs. You can sprinkle it on carpet before vacuuming and even line kitty litter with a cup before adding the litter for a natural deodorizer. To naturally degrease and or deodorize drains, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar down the drain, let […]