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Ease Arthritis Pain with Apple Cider Vinegar

Ease Arthritis Pain with Apple Cider Vinegar Everyday kitchen items are considered as some of the most effective natural remedies. They can be used as facial cleansers and masks, natural cleaning products, anti-fungal’s and even a treatment for sore joints and arthritis pain. Joint pain is a common issue many of us struggle with, especially as we age. So, if you are experience reoccurring joint pain, you may want to give that apple cider vinegar hiding in your pantry a try. Studies recommend using apple cider vinegar to relieve pain, as it has been found to be very beneficial in […]

4 Shocking Health Benefits of Pickle Juice

4 Shocking Health Benefits of Pickle Juice You may be surprised to discover that the juice you commonly throw out is in fact very beneficial and yes, we are talking about pickle juice. So, consider drinking your pickle juice before you dump it down the drain. Read the surprising benefits pickle juice has to offer for your health. Pre-workout Boost Pickle juice may not be your go-to work out beverage, but many athletes swear by it’s performance enhancing benefits. According to research, drinking high sodium juices like pickle juice may help enhance athletic performance and thermoregulation. Make sure you drink the […]

Rx Muscle Repair Gel Nature’s Happiness

Rx Muscle Repair Gel  – Hitto Hitto “To Heal in Hiaki” Hitto Rx Muscle Repair was specially developed by Ojavan Products to help soothe muscle aches and strains often associated with strenuous exercise. Rx Muscle Repair helps to repair sore, tired muscles and revitalize aching limbs. On application, Hitto feels cool and soothing and slowly transitions to a warming sensation as it begins to alleviate muscle ache. Rx muscle repair will relax and sooth tight sore muscles with no sticky residue and no lingering unpleasant aroma. Hitto is a great deep tissue massage oil. Ojavan Products Hitto Rx Muscle Repair is 76% certified organic. It is ideal for all […]

Rx Muscle Repair gel