Plant-based diet

How to Lower Inflammation in the Body

How to Lower Inflammation in the Body Chronic inflammation is triggered by a number of risk factors. However, when left untreated, chronic inflammation can lead to a number of serious health concerns and even disease. Thankfully many of these risk factors are within your control and can be managed with a few simple lifestyle changes. Continue reading blow to learn more on how to lower inflammation in the body. 1. Eat more plant-based foods. A plant-based diet is filled with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and compounds that naturally lower inflammation in the body, improve glucose levels, manage blood pressure and aid in weight […]

Easy Clean Eating Tips

Easy Clean Eating Tips Clean is eating is taking your eating habits back to the basics. It’s a safe and healthy way of eating that includes plenty of nutritionally-dense foods with little to no processed foods. Not only will you be benefitting your overall health, you will also be fueling your body with nutrients and improving weight loss. Clean eating will require you to make significant lifestyle changes, including more greens, plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes. Understanding food labels and finding what foods work for you will also play an important role in your new journey. Changes […]

Easy Food Swaps

Easy Food Swaps   Staying healthy during the holidays can be difficult, but instead of opting out of holiday parties and meals, try these easy and healthy food swaps! There’s no need to despair this holiday season, you can still enjoy your favorite comfort foods with a  healthy twist and your guests will love them as well. Plus, you will be getting the same meal, just with a lot more nutrition. Below are 4 easy food swaps for you to try this year! Take a look at some of these easy and healthy food swaps: Cauliflower. Cauliflower can replace anything from […]

The Super Benefits of Garlic

The Super Benefits of Garlic Garlic is a popular cooking ingredient and a famous member of the onion family. Though, garlic goes way beyond its culinary purposes. It has long been used for preventing illness, lowering the risk for cancer and improving heart health. It also contains the powerful compound, Allicin, which has potent medicinal properties and is believed to bring most of garlic’s benefits. Below are the super benefits of garlic. The Health Benefits of Garlic With just 42 calories per serving, powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, garlic hosts a number of impressive health benefits. Lowers blood pressure. Prevents plaque […]

Top Fall Superfoods

Top Fall Superfoods With fall comes crisp air, beautiful autumn leaves and of course an abundance of fresh fall produce. These fruits and veggies are not only flavorful, but also host a number of impressive health benefits and nutrients. Below is a list of our favorite top fall superfoods. 1. Apples You have probably grown up on eating these crisp, juicy fruits. But most people don’t know just how beneficial apples are. They are filled with soluble fiber to help you feel fuller longer and contain very few calories, which contributes to weight loss. Plus, they are perfect for on […]

How to Pack More Nutrition into Your Diet

How to Pack More Nutrition into Your Diet We can all agree that eating more fruits and vegetables is a good thing. Not only does it improve our health overall, but it has also shown to help lower cholesterol levels, improve skin health, reduce risks for cardivascular disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, weight loss and inflammaition and much more! However, many of us still struggle with getting enough frutis and vegetables into our diet, depsite knowing the benefits. But, whatever the reason may be for the lack of produce in your diet, there are many ways you can easily boost your intake […]

Foods for Good Health and Weight Loss

Foods for Good Health and Weight Loss We all need fat in our diet, not only to maintain a healthy weight, but to also improve overall health. Though, we are not talking about just any kind of fat, but good-for-you monounsatureted fats. These fats are essential for overall health, cholesterol levels, heart health and weight loss. While including these fats into your diet, it is also important that you are staying away from trans fat and saturated fats. To get your started, we have 5 foods for good health and weight loss. Dark chocolate This is definitaly our favorite on […]

Luxurious Flavored Water Recipes

Luxurious Flavored Water Recipes In this day and age, it’s hard to get by without a few cups of coffee. While coffee isn’t an unhealthy part of the diet, waking up and drinking coffee first thing isn’t the best. This is because our body gets dehyrdated during the night. When you first wake up, it is always in your best interest to drink water first to replensih the body. This will also help wake you up and get your system ready for the day. However, we do understand that plain old water can get a bit boring. So, why not […]

The Super Powers of Sprouts

The Super Powers of Sprouts Sprouts are a very deserving superfood. They are a sustainable, affordable, living food packed with highly bio available nutrients. In fact, they are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth and the nutrients they contain are easily digested by the body. Many sprouts are known to have anti-cancer benefits and high levels of protein. They are proportionally more nutrient dense, compared to their more mature counterparts. And you can grow them in your very own kitchen! Continue reading to learn more about the super powers of sprouts. Radish sprouts. From immune boosting properties to weight […]

The Benefits of Deep Orange Vegetables

The Benefits of Deep Orange Vegetables Fall is such a wonderful time of year with beautiful colors, crisp air and of course, delicious fall produce. Though, many of these fresh vegetables are often unappreciated, even though they are incredibly nutritious. They are especially great for warm, hearty fall meals. Best of all, they come in many different varieties, have many uses and contain a variety of nutritional benefits. These orange, fall vegetables include carrots, squash of all kinds, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Though, some squash varieties do not appear to be deep orange on the outside, it’s the deep, orange flesh that holds […]