Gluten Free Grains and Their Benefits

Gluten Free Grains and Their Benefits Despite the common myth, transferring to a gluten-free diet isn’t all that hard. Especially with so many fresh produce options, grains, legumes, and other protein-rich foods including eggs, poultry, and seafood. Whether you’re celiac’s, gluten intolerant, or simply choose to be gluten free, grains are an important part of the diet. From quinoa to rice, and oats, there is a number of gluten-free, protein-rich grains available to keep you healthy and happy. Below is a list of some of our favorite gluten free grains and their benefits. 1. Rice Rice is an extremely versatile food and […]

5 Condiments You Will Never Need To Buy Again

5 Condiments You Will Never Need To Buy Again It’s easy to whip up a batch of gluten free brownies, however when it comes to making our own condiments at home things can get a little more messy. But the truth is, condiments are just as easy to whip up as anything. Store-bought condiments are highly processed, loaded with sugar and have a long list of ingredients. Homemade condiments are just as good (if not better) than the store-bought brands with fresher ingredients and fewer preservatives. The only difference you will notice is the shelf life, store-bought ketchup may have a […]

6 Facts About Gluten You’re Probably Getting Wrong

6 Facts About Gluten You’re Probably Getting Wrong The gluten-free diet has gained a lot of popularity over the years, but there still may be a bit of confusion for some. Here are six common “gluten” misunderstandings according to recent surveys. 1. What is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barely, and rye. It helps certain foods maintain their shape and elasticity, it acts as a glue that holds food together. It is typically avoided by those who have celiac disease and or wheat sensitivities because it can cause illness. Gluten is often found in […]

Parsley Is More Than Just An Herb

Parsley Is More Than Just An Herb Health Benefits of Parsley Parsley is more than just an herb to help garnish a beautiful entree. It actually has numerous health benefits, which people often overlook. Parsley contains high amounts of iron, almost twice the amount of spinach. Iron helps carry an essential component called heme that is found in the red blood cells. Parsley also contains high amounts of fiber which aid in digestion health as well as high amounts of vitamin C and A which help boost the immune system. The combination of vitamins and nutrients found in parsley help cleanse […]

Uncooking with Jameth and Kim Sheridan, Book

Uncooking with Jameth and Kim Sheridan, Book Jameth and Kim Sheridan are a husband and wife team who first discovered the value of raw foods in the 1980s, before they even knew each other. They first met at a Natural Hygiene (raw foods) convention in 1990 and have been together ever since. Jameth and Kim had both been experimenting with raw cuisine independently, and as soon as they joined their creative forces, “Uncooking with Jameth & Kim” was born. In the 1990s, Jameth and Kim gained popularity through their highly acclaimed “Uncooking with Jameth & Kim” healthy food preparation workshops. […]

Spirulina the king of superfoods

Why Spirulina is the King of Superfoods!

What is Spirulina? Spirulina (Cyanobacteria) Species: Arthrospira platensis Spirulina is the king of superfoods, and for good reason! Spirulina is an incredible source of concentrated and highly absorbable nutrients, and an exceptional source for protein. Spirulina is called a blue-green algae because it contains both chlorophyll (providing green pigment) and phycocyanin (blue pigment). It forms spiraling, microscopic strands. This simple,one-celled algae thrives in warm, alkaline fresh water. Spirulina contains an amazing array of essential nutrients for our bodies. Not only does it contain over 60% complete protein (almost three times as much as that found in beef!), it has high concentrations […]

Goji Berry-Mango Slush Recipe

This quick Goji Berry-Mango Slush Recipe is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. It’s so simple and easy to make with only 3 ingredients (5 total, if you’re counting ice and water). Ingredients: 1 c. frozen mango (fresh is fine) 1/2 c. whole goji berries 1 tsp. honey 1-2 c. ice 1-2 c. water Directions: Put all ingredients into a high powered blender and puree until smooth. Really, that’s it! There is not a person in this world who is not going to fall in love with this creamy slushi/smoothie/juice. The color turns out absolutely gorgeous with the addition of the goji […]

Goji Berry Mango Slush

Mulberry Salad

Mulberries: How This Superfruit Benefits Your Health

Mulberries come from the fruit of the mulberry tree, mainly cultivated in the warm soil and full sun in Europe and the Middle East. When these plump berries are dried, they acquire a very sweet taste similar to candy. Along with delectable taste, these berries also provide the body with a significant source of protein, antioxidants and nutrients which makes them a perfect snack that gives the body a boost of energy. Benefits of Mulberries 1. Cleanse the blood Mulberries have been traditionally used in China as a way to cleanse the blood and increase its productivity 2. Aid in cancer […]

Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola This homemade granola is very EASY and DELICIOUS Ingredients: 1 lb Gluten-Free Oats 2 C. Crushed Peanuts 1 C. Crushed Almonds 1/2 C. Coconut Oil 1 C. Honey 1 t. Salt 1 t. Vanilla Directions: Mix every thing together and bake @ 350 for 45 to 60 minutes. Toss every 15 minutes. Let cool and ENJOY! So Easy and Yummy. This is a great snack or a great breakfast! 🙂 However you eat it, you will LOVE IT! If you like a fruity Granola just try adding Superfruits to the recipe like Organic Dates,  Goji Berries,  Mulberries or […]

Recipe for raw vegan ice cream bars

Raw Vegan Ice Cream Bars Recipe

Raw Vegan Ice Cream Bar {gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free}  Raw Vegan Ice Cream Bar Recipe Coconut ice cream ingredients: 10 medium dates (about 1/2 c.) – buy raw dates 15 oz. coconut milk 1 c. raw cashews – buy raw cashews pinch himalayan sea salt – buy himalayan sea salt T Non-GMO Lecithin Powder – buy lecithin powder T Maca Powder – buy maca powder 3 T pure maple syrup*, or more for desired sweetness 1 vanilla bean, or 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract – buy vanilla beans 1 c. chopped almonds – to place on top of the ice […]