Sinus Relief

Health Benefits of Using a Neti Pot

Health Benefits of Using a Neti Pot Neti pots have been around for thousands of years, to clear and cleanse nasal passages. A traditional neti pot looks a lot like a small teapot. To use it, you feel it with a saline solution and run the water through your nasal cavity. This process helps moisten the nasal mucous membranes and removes encrusted material. Below are some of the health benefits of using a neti pot. What are the health benefits of neti pots? Sinusitis: Acute or chronic sinusitis is often associated with a fever, cough, nasasl congestion and sometimes nausea. The […]

7 Powerful Remedies for Sinus Relief

7 Powerful Remedies for Sinus Relief Due to allergies, colds and bacterial infections, our sinus’s often tend to get clogged and infected. As a result, we are often left with serious discomfort and difficulty breathing. In some cases, serious sinus infections may lead to brain fever and meningitis. Just as certain foods may trigger these symptoms, regular intake of nutrient rich foods can combat these symptoms. Foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin A can help you build a strong defense against sinus infections and other health ailments. Below are 7 powerful remedies for sinus relief. 1.Stay Hydrated It’s important to […]

Hidden Health Benefits of Garlic

Hidden Health Benefits of Garlic Garlic is an ancient healing remedy that is believed to treat a number of medical conditions. Many of the healing powers of garlic have been backed by researchers, claiming it to be one of the best natural remedies for health ailments. Below we have some amazing hidden health benefits of garlic: 1. Low in Calories Garlic is an excellent low-caloric way to get plenty of nutrients into all your meals. It is rich in Vitamin B1, calcium, copper, iron and potassium. Garlic can be added into fresh salad dressings, homemade soups, sauces, casseroles and more. 2. Prevents […]

Tips for Relieving Sinus Infections

Tips for Relieving Sinus Infections Many factors can lead to sinus pain and congestion, but before turning to antibiotics and cough syrups, consider these natural remedies to help ease pain and congestion caused by sinus infections. Acupuncture is one of the quickest ways to relieve sinus pain and infection. Often times, patients experience congestion relief within minutes of the acupuncture treatment and sometimes immediately. Most patients have noticeable drainage, cleared out sinuses and improved breathing through the nose once treatment begins. This treatment works so well it is also used in many dental offices to clear out congestion before procedures. Hydrotherapy is […]