Tips to Avoid Colds and Flu

5 Garlic Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

5 Garlic Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss Out On Garlic has long been used to help treat illness and disease and for it’s ability to bring flavor to any dish. In fact, garlic dates back all the way to Ancient Egypt. Today, it is still well-known and loved for it’s great flavor, though not everyone knows about garlic’s amazing healing properties. Below, we have 5 garlic benefits you don’t want to miss out on. 1. Treats the common cold One of garlic’s most common traits is the ability to fight infection. Garlic supplementation is a very common remedy for […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

Surprising Health Benefits of Honey Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners on earth, that has been used by numerous cultures from around the world for both it’s wonderful flavor and amazing health benefits. It is well-known for it’s natural abilities to help treat bacterial infections and as a natural treatment for burns and wounds. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, in addition to being loaded with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. Promotes Weight Loss The combination of honey and warm water naturally helps digest lingering fat stored in the body. You can also opt for honey and lemon […]

Fruitrients Amla Fruit Extract Indian Gooseberry, 60ct

Fruitrients Amla Fruit Extract Indian Gooseberry Fruitrients Amla Fruit, or Indian Gooseberry, is a rich source of antioxidant bioflavonoids. It is used traditionally by Indian Ayurvedic practitioners and Tibetan healers. It is touted as a rich source of Bioflavonoids. Natural Source of Bioflavonoids Powerful Immune Support Why is Fruitrients so much Better? Fruitrients exotic fruit supplements using the best organically grown ingredients in the purest, most concentrated form possible. Our formulas are 100% Additive-Free for the highest quality fruit supplements available in the highest concentrations of ONLY the active ingredients…without any added sugar! Why pay for “Sugar Water”? Most of […]

7 Health Benefits of Honey

7 Health Benefits of Honey Honey is a favorite among many households. It is widely popular around the world and a well-known, effective natural healer. Although, many of us mainly use it for culinary purposes, honey is packed with nutritional and medicinal benefits! Honey is packed with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that have been used since early Egyptian times. Honey is packed with amazing powers that benefit the body and mind. It is also an amazing natural sweetener among many other things. Raw honey is fat-free, cholesterol-free, sodium-free, and contains just 64 calories per tablespoon according to the National Honey Board. It’s natural ingredients […]

Top 8 Superfoods of 2015

Top 8 Superfoods of 2015 Boost your health with the top 8 superfoods of 2015 1. Acai Berry This perfectly delicious berry is packed with antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, phosphorous, fiber, calcium and protein. Acai is a great source of healthy fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols all of which can help boost the immune system, aid in weight loss, supports a healthy heart, supports a healthy digestive system, and cardiovascular health. 2. Birch Trees As stated by ​In-house nutritionist at Lifesum, Lovisa Nilsson, “Birch tree water has been claimed to help treat everything from cellulite, flu, headache, and eczema and improve your immune […]

Wasabi Boosts Overall Health

Wasabi Boosts Overall Health Wasabi is used as a condiment similar to hot mustards. The earliest cultivation of wasabi dates all the way back to the 10th century and it grows naturally in mountain streambeds. Wasabi is a member of the Brassicaceae family which is related to foods like cabbage and horseradish. Clears up your sinus Experiencing sinus congestion is not an uncommon condition when the cold season and or allergy season comes around. Some people may not experience nasal congestion as severe as others but it is still one of the most complained about condition in the U.S. Congestion in the nasal […]

Leeks Provide Health Promoting Properties

Leeks Provide Health Promoting Properties Leeks are becoming more well know for their amazing health benefits and as a delicious ingredient in cooking. Similar to garlic and onions leeks come a vegetable family called Allium vegetables . Allium veggies like leeks should be added to our diets on a regular basis. Allium vegetables often contain similar health benefits such as cardiovascular support and high levels of nutrients. Leeks may help prevent disease Due to their organosulphur compound and beneficial allium component, vegetables such as leeks, onions, and garlic have been found to help fight off disease and illness. Especially when it comes […]

Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil Drinking water is vital to our health. It keeps our bodies properly hydrated as well as assisting with our bodies filtering process and drinking water with lemons just might offer even benefits. Lemons have many outstanding health benefits, they are natural detoxifier and they help with digestion as well as neutralizing acid in the body, aiding in weight loss, and improving skin conditions. Lemon essential oil fights yeast infections  There have been about 14,000 articles done focusing on essential oils and about 500 of these studies have been on lemon oil. Lemon essential oil […]

10 Health Promoting Coconut Oil Uses

 10 Health Promoting Coconut Oil Uses Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Cold-pressed coconut oil has been gaining a lot of attention and being touted for its incredible health benefits and many uses. It has also been considered a miracle from the “tree of life”. Coconut oil is a great substitute for unhealthy common vegetable oils, and can be used as a direct replacement for frying, sautéing and baking. It can also be used as a nutritious ingredient in homemade body care products, as it can nourish hair and skin. 1. Coconut Oil consists of over 90% healthy saturated fat. Unlike long-chain saturated animal […]

Truly Natural Vitamin C 101

Truly Natural Vitamin C 101 Truly Natural Vitamin C Vitamin C Basics Vitamin C has a number of important functions in our body: Essential for the production of adrenal steroid hormones. Our body’s highest levels of vitamin C are found in our adrenal glands and brain tissues. Required for the synthesis of collagen, the main component of connective tissue, and the most abundant protein in mammals. Collagen is an important structural component of skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, teeth, gums, heart valves, cornea, capillaries, intervertebral discs, and the GI tract. Plays an important role in the synthesis of […]