Vegan Snacks

Benefits of Berries

Benefits of Berries If you knew all the amazing benefits of berries, you’d probably be eating them everyday! Berries have many health benefits from preventing disease to promoting weight loss, and so much more. The best part about berries is not their taste, but the high amounts of phytochemicals which help protect cells from damage. High in antioxidants  Berries are actually loaded with several antioxidants like anthocyanins, quercetin, and vitamin C. Anthocyanins are what give berries their bright fun color, they also reduce inflammation, and help manage arthritis and pain. Antioxidants often work together. anthcyanins and quercetin work together to help prevent memory […]

Amazing Benefits of Dates

Amazing Benefits of Dates Dates are dated back to about 6000 BC. They are a delicious fruit that is much loved around the world. Dates are known for their magnificent flavor and texture. They have a sweet flavor, similar to honey. In Arabic the deglet noor variety means “Date of Light”. Dates come in many different varieties and they are an excellent addition in many raw and vegan desserts. Nutritional Benefits  Dates are some of the best natural sweeteners out there. They are easily digested, which gives your body the ability to take full advantage of their benefits. Dates are known to help […]

Raisins are energy rich and an Alkalizing Food Source 1

Raisins are energy rich and an Alkalizing Food Source Raisins are energy rich and an Alkalizing Food Source. Most of the worlds raisins are cultivated in California, they provide half of the world’s raisin supply. Raisins are a tasty and great addition to add to your diet. Grapes are considered healthy for numerous reasons. Although, grapes and raisins do not offer the same the benefits. Grapes Vs. Raisins  Research shows that ounce to ounce, raisins contain 3 times more the amount of antioxidants than grapes. Antioxidants in our bodies offer cancer prevention properties and are important in maintaining overall health. When […]

Regenerate Your Body with Pine Nuts

Regenerate Your Body with Pine Nuts Pine nuts have been used in Europe and the United Sates for years. Pine nuts date back as far as ancient Greek and Roman times and were preserved in honey. Many Native American tribes ground pine nuts and used them as flour. Many people believe pine nuts are nuts but they are actually seeds. People who have a nut allergy can usually consume pine nuts. These little seeds are not even in the same botanical category as tree nuts. Pine nuts are known as a delicacy in many parts of the word and they offer […]

Winter Foods That Boost Your Health

Winter Foods That Boost Your Health Although summer has past, there are still a lot of mouthwatering healthy foods that should be praised this time of year. Winter brings out some of the best healthy foods such as pears, grapefruits, pistachios, grapes, lentils and more. It is important to keep your immune system up and maintain overall body health which is just what these 5 foods will help you do! Here are 5 foods that boost your health.  Pears Delicious and juicy, pears are a winter food to be taken advantage of. Pears are high in fiber, vitamin C and K, […]

Why Seeds Are So Good For You

Why Seeds are so good for you Although tiny, seeds offer a substantial amount of nutrients. They are jam packed with nutrients such as protein, fibre, iron, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Seeds are a staple in many vegan and raw food recipes and a wonderful alternative to your regular snacks. Seeds can be mixed into salads, smoothies, granola bars, crackers, yogurts, etc. They can be blended into a paste and made into salad dressing or dips. Seeds can also be turned into a delicious raw seed milk. They are also amazing just simply snacked on. Seeds offer our bodies so […]

Vegan and Allergen-Free Protein Sources

 Vegan and Allergen-Free Protein Sources Proteins are often know as the building blocks to life. They break down the amino acids that help promote and repair proper cell growth. The most common know protein sources are animal products meats, dairy, etc. Although, many people suffer from food allergies and often have a hard time getting the right amount of protein into their diets. Especially if they are eating a plant based diet. Thankfully, there is still a variety of vegan and allergen-free protein sources out there.     Hemp Hemp seeds are a high, whole food protein source containing all nine […]

Boost Your Energy with Superfoods

Boost Your Energy with Superfoods Boost your energy with superfoods. If you feel tired throughout the day it could mean that you’re not getting enough energy from the foods you are eating. Energy packed and plant based foods are just what we need to keep us going. Consuming superfoods such as coconut, cherries, kale, bananas and quinoa will give you strength and energy as well as many other health benefits. Superfoods are nutrient-dense and calorie sparse. Superfoods are a sustainable whole-food source that contain essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants. Boost your energy with superfoods!   1. Coconut Water Coconut water has been […]

5 Healthy Filling Foods To Help With Weight Loss

5 Healthy Filling Foods To Help With Weight Loss A problem many of us face when dieting is still feeling hungry after a meal. That’s where whole plant based foods come in handy. Consuming a plant based diet packed with fiber and protein tends to leave our bodies much more satisfied, which is ideal when trying to shed some extra pounds. Plant based foods leave us filling more full and happy through out the day which then prevents us from over eating on other meals. A plant based diet aids in weight loss and helps slow down digestion which helps […]

Nutritional Value of Dates

Nutritional Value of Dates Dates are a much loved and ancient fruit, because they are very sweet and a great vegan source of potassium, fiber, calcium, copper and iron.  They are great for digestion, and to help with constipation just soak 2-3 dates overnight in water, and consume first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Benefits of Raw Organic Dates: Delicious Natural Sweetener Promote good digestion Great source of potassium High in calcium, copper and iron Certified Raw, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan and Pesticide-free Satisfying alternative to processed sweets Try adding dates to sweeten any recipe such as […]