Coconut Palm Sugar – The Latest Sugar Alternative

Coconut Palm Sugar – The Latest Sugar AlternativeCoconut Palm Sugar – The Latest Sugar Alternative

White refined sugar is one of the most toxic food ingredients out there. It is usually a main ingredient in many processed foods and it is often found in the foods you would least expect. Refined white sugar can be highly addictive and very dangerous.

The best way to avoid sugar is to ditch it all together but, if you’re like most of us, you just can’t kick that sweet tooth habit. Try swapping out that toxic refined white sugar and replace it with a natural sugar alternative, both healthy and delicious!

Natural sweeteners have actually been known to boost your metabolism, energy levels, and overall health and wellness. They are mainly a plant-based and whole-food source, plus, they are low in calories!

Coconut palm sugar

Coconut palm sugar is made from the nectar (sap) of the coconut palm tree. It has a creamy, caramel-like sweetness with a moist, crumbly texture.

Coconut palm sugar is incredibly nutritious, and it is one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners out there! It is ecologically beneficial and provides sustained energy. Coconut palm sugar is rich in many vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients like potassium, zinc, iron and Vitamins, B(1,2,3, and 6). It contains 16 amino acids, which help boost metabolism, help with overall growth, repair and development of body tissues, hormones and enzymes.

Coconut palm sugar is a wonderful alternative to refined white sugar, and can easily be substituted in it’s place.  Add coconut palm sugar to sweeten any recipe such as desserts, nut milks, curry dishes, yogurts, granola, etc.

more natural sugar alternatives

Unlike refined and processed white sugars, these natural sugar alternatives actually boost health and wellness! Some of these natural sweeteners even contain essential vitamins and minerals

1. Stevia Leaf Powder

2. Honey

3. Dates

4. Vanilla Beans 

5. Lucuma Powder 

6. Mesquite Powder

How to stay away from processed sugars 

Sugars are literally hiding almost all processed foods found in the grocery store. If you’re looking to avoid unwanted processed sugars, in your foods here are a few tips on how to avoid them.

1. Avoid Processed foods

2. Make more home cooked meals

3. Read ingredient lists for hided sugars/toxins

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables (fruits and veggies have natural occurring sugars that will be sure that satisfy your sweet tooth!)

5. Choose natural sweeteners

6. Buy organic, Non-GMO, whole foods (fruits, veggies, meats, dairy etc.)

Try any of these natural sweeteners in your morning smoothies, deserts, teas etc. Just replace your usual refined sugar with any of these natural sweeteners and find out what works best for you!

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