Common Diet Myths You Should Ignore

Common Diet Myths You Should Ignore

Common Diet Myths You Should Ignore

Dieting and weight loss can be a struggle, especially when we come across a new diet trend every day. Whether you’re exercising regularly, cutting out carbs completely or on a strict paleo diet, everyone struggles. The most important thing to remember is to stick to what works for you and what makes you happy. Below are some common diet myths you should ignore and what may help you further your health journey.

1. Myth: Don’t Skip Meals –

Allowing yourself to go hungry is not the best strategy for weight loss. For starters, when you skip a meal, you’re starving, which makes anything and everything look delicious, resulting in unhealthy food choices you wouldn’t normally eat. Secondly, it will take a lot more food to satisfy you and you will end up eating more than you would have in the first place.

Instead of strict meal times, snack on small yet nutritious and fulfilling snacks in between meals. This strategy will keep your blood sugar levels stable and your metabolism strong. To make things easier, consider on-the-go snacks to avoid temptation and risk of going without a meal. Try high-fiber snacks with plenty of protein and nutrition, such as nuts, seeds, fruits, granola, etc.

2. Myth: Everyone should go gluten-free

Unless you suffer from celiacs disease or a gluten intolerance, there is no reason for you to go gluten-free. While opting for a gluten-free diet by choice can be beneficial, it is not necessary for weight loss. Instead of eliminating certain food groups, focus on portion sizes and eating foods containing gluten in moderation.

3. Myth: Healthy food won’t make you gain weight

While there are many benefits to eating nuts, oils, and other healthy fats, the key is still moderation. Too much of anything can lead to added calories and weight gain when eaten in excess.

4. Myth: Carbs make you fat

Cutting out carbs completely will aid in weight loss, but not a healthy and sustainable diet. For some, you may soon find out that you’re often tired, fatigued, and cranky. Over time you may also begin to notice weight gain once you’re back to eating your normal diet. Rather than cutting out carbs completely, focus on choosing the right carbs.

Not all carbs are created equal. Instead of white bread, choose rye, opt for whole wheat pasta over regular and brown, black or red rice over white. Also, include plenty of fiber-rich foods like beans, healthy grains, oats, lentils, and sweet potatoes! Not to mention these foods also have an impressive nutritional profile.

5. Myth: Fat-free will help with weight loss

Despite the many diet plans telling you fat is bad, your body actually needs good fats to burn fat. This includes avocados, nuts, olive oils, seeds, and nut butters. Not only are they contributing to weight loss, but they are also filled with nutrients and many health benefits including heart benefits. Healthy fatty foods are also filling and sustainable. Incorporate them into your daily meal plan to promote weight loss and well-being. However, as with all foods, it is important to eat within moderation.

6. Myth: Exercise is the key to weight loss

While exercise is key during weight loss, it also needs to be paired with a healthy diet to achieve weight loss.

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