Cook Whole Food Meals at Home to Stay Healthy!

Cook Whole Food Meals at Home to Stay Healthy!Cook whole food meals at home to stay healthy!

Creating healthy eating habits for your family can be difficult, but is it easier than you think?

Many of us live very busy lives, making it tough to spend time at home preparing and cooking meals. Because of this, we often feel like we need to “grab” food when we are out and about, which often results in much quicker eating with less thought about what the food is, and where it came from.

When we eat out at a fast food joint or restaurant we don’t actually know where our food came from. Do we even know what the food is made up of? Are you reading a list of ingredients before you hand the bag of food over to your child?

The benefit of home cooked meals

Research shows that is valuable for children to eat meals together as a family, since it can contribute to their emotional, physical, and psychological health. Current research also shows that the time spent preparing and cooking homemade meals can contribute to healthier habits in eating and in lifestyle.

A recent study discovered that people who spend the least amount of time cooking meals at home, actually spend a lot more money on food, and are much more likely to eat fast food or “fake food”.

Eating out – Alternatives to fast food

“We are eating too much of the wrong thing, and not enough of the right thing” – David Wolfe

At times, we just want to eat out! We don’t always want to get messy in the kitchen in order to eat a healthy, well balanced meal. Especially during travel, celebration, or another special occasion.

Fortunately, there are actually some really great alternatives to fast food and even some other sit down restaurants. “Farm to Table” types of restaurants have become very popular within the last couple of years.  They are a great alternative to fast food, however, it’s not necessarily fast. At a farm to table restaurant, you don’t have to take the time to prepare and cook the meal yourself, but someone else is. So you will generally need to plan for a little extra time when eating at this type of restaurant.

Another great way to get nourishing food while you’re out, is to drop by your local farmers market. Here, you will generally find local fruits and vegetables, dips and spreads, smoothies, snacks, and more! Farmers markets around the world are making a huge come-back. They are a great place for to connect with your community, local businesses, and discover new and exciting “real foods”!

Ready to take your family’s health to the next level? Try incorporating organic superfoods, probiotics, and additive-free supplements for optimal health and wellness!

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