Cucumbers Have Anti-cancer Benefits

Cucumbers Have Anti-cancer Benefits

Cucumbers Have Anti-cancer Benefits

Cucumbers are considered a vegetable by many of us, when in reality they are actually a fruit! They are a good source of vitamins A, B, and C and provide your body with many health benefits. Cucumbers originated in Asia, but they can be grown pretty much anywhere that has a hot and sunny summer. They are almost calorie free and great for hydration.

Cancer-fighting foods

Cucumbers are rich in lignans and have been proven to help reduce the risk of certain cancer types and cardiovascular disease. According to a study published back in 2010, lignans could “lower vascular inflammation and endothelial dysfunction, which could have some implications in CVD prevention.” Later, another study was done by the journal Nutrition and Cancer and they found that pinoresinol, (one of the simplest lignans) inhibits proliferation and promotes separation on the growth of leukemia cells.

Cucumbers also contain a group of phytonutrients called cucurbitacins, which promote anti-cancer benefits. According to another study conducted, cucurbitacins “exhibit antiproliferative on numerous human cancer cell lines and tumor xenografts, including breast, prostate, lung, uterine cervix, liver, skin, and brain cancers.”

Cucumbers hydrate the body

Research suggests that almost 3/4 of Americans could be suffering from dehydration and have no idea. Dehydration can cause further health issues like fatigue, weight-gain, joint pain, and possibly even kidney failure just to name a few. The Average adult should consume at least 8 cups of water daily.

Cucumbers and other foods high in water can not be used a replacement for your water intake, but they can be a great addition in re hydrating and cleansing the body. Cucumbers also release cooling properties and can reduce pain associated with sunburns.

Cucumbers can be enjoyed in just about any salad, on any sandwich, great used for dipping and even just eaten fresh from the garden. They can be added into any fresh juice, smoothie, and shake. There are so many ways to enjoy cucumbers.

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