Easy Clean Eating Tips

Easy Clean Eating Tips

Easy Clean Eating Tips

Clean is eating is taking your eating habits back to the basics. It’s a safe and healthy way of eating that includes plenty of nutritionally-dense foods with little to no processed foods. Not only will you be benefitting your overall health, you will also be fueling your body with nutrients and improving weight loss. Clean eating will require you to make significant lifestyle changes, including more greens, plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes. Understanding food labels and finding what foods work for you will also play an important role in your new journey.

Changes may seem difficult at first, making it important that you slowly ease into these adjustments. Begin cutting out certain foods each week, while also introducing new plant-based, whole foods into your diet. Once you have fully made the transformation, you won’t believe the changes. Below are 5 easy clean eating tips for you as you take on a cleaner diet.

1. Don’t Cut Out Carbs: Contrary to popular belief, we need carbs. Our bodies require protein, fat, and carbs to function properly. However, that does not include cake, baked goods, and bread. The carbs your body requires include whole grains, brown rice, legumes, beans, vegetables, and fruit. These foods will naturally nourish and fuel your body and brain.

2. Practice Meatless Mondays: This does not require you to cut out meat completely, rather just 1-2 days a week. This will help you cut down on processed foods and up your nutrient intake. To ensure you’re still getting plenty of protein with your meal include protein-rich foods like beans, lentils, quinoa, nuts etc. Also, pair your meals plenty of fresh ingredients, spices, herbs, veggies, and fruit.

It is also recommended to cut back on red meats and consider eating more poultry and fish. Aim for a serving of fish at least 2-3 per week.

3. Stick to the six or less rule: When buying pre-packaged foods, always read the ingredient lists. The six or less rule is an excellent way to avoid overly processed foods with six or more ingredients. While it is still important to avoid processed foods at all cost, sometimes they are necessary. Another rule of thumb is to avoid anything with ingredients you cannot pronounce. Avoid added sugars, food colorings, low-fat, fat-free, and artificial sweeteners.

4. Eat your greens: Whether you pack them in your smoothie, pair them with dinner, or add them to your salad, be sure to eat plenty of greens each day. Leafy greens are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, disease-fighting nutrients, and phytochemicals. Not to mention a variety of health benefits for the body inside and out.

5. Drink more water: Water is essential for energy, flushing out toxins, skin health, weight loss, and overall body health. Clean eating will require you to replace sugary, processed beverages and juices for water. Aim for at least 8-10 glasses each day. If you’re having trouble making the switch, try added a few berries, cucumbers slices or herbs to your water for a fresh natural flavor.

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Five tips to help you eat clean

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