4 Essential Oils to Alleviate Symptoms of Depression

4 Essential Oils to Alleviate Symptoms of Depression

4 Essential Oils to Alleviate Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a very common mental illnesses that affects nearly 350 million people world wide. While it is commonly treated with antidepressants, counselling or SSRIs, studies have found a positive link between dealing with depression and aromatherapy. If you’re dealing with depression, consider including these oils into your daily regiment. Below are 4 essential oils to alleviate symptoms of depression.

1. Lavender oil: One of the very few oils that can heal most areas of the body and mind, lavender essential oil is also believed to help alleviate symptoms of depression, as it has anti-depressant properties. It helps the body adapt when dealing with stress, promotes sleep and relaxation while also improving energy and stamina. You can fill your diffuser with lavender and place next to your bed to reap all of the amazing benefits. You can also apply lavender essential oil topically (diluted)  to the skin, stir into a warm bath, add to lotions and other beauty care products or apply a few drops to a paper towel and place under your pillow case each night.

2. Thyme oil: Though thyme is often used as a spice, it is also very popular in herbal and domestic medicines. According to research, thyme essential oil has strong antidepressant properties, as it contains a compound known as carvacrol, a natural mood enhancer. Thyme essential oil is also known to help ease anxiety and nervousness. Thyme also blends well when combined with other oils.

3. Jasmine oil: Jasmine oil can naturally boost mood after applying it topically to your abdomen. According to studies, nearly 40 people noticed signs of relief from mild depression after apply the jasmine essential oil. This oil can also promote confidence and euphoria while also banishing fear, guilt and stress. The aroma of jasmine essential oil relaxes and uplifts the spirit. It can be used through a diffuser, inhalation or applied topically to the skin,.

4. Chamomile oil: 

Various studies have found that chamomile can help in reducing the symptoms of depression naturally without any side-effects [4]. If you don’t have a diffuser, add a few drops of chamomile oil to a bucket of warm water and take a bath with this water.

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