Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around since ancient times, used to help treat a number of health ailments such as pain, illness, infection, certain types of disease, skin problems and much, much more. Find out which oils may benefit you the best. Here are some great everyday uses for essential oils.

* Peppermint Oil: Peppermint has a calming and rejuvenating properties that can be used to help ease mental fatigue and muscle pain. It is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals that offer relief from the common cold, nausea, fatigue, stomach spasms, congestion and so much more!

* Lavender Oil: Lavender is one of the most used and versatile oils that can be used to heal most areas of the body and mind. It is a very relaxing oil that can be used as a natural sleep aid while also assisting the body during stressful situations. Yet it has balancing properties that can also boost energy and stamina.

* Lemon Oil: Naturally, lemon is very calming, which is why it works so well for relieve mental fatigue, nervous tension, & improve sleep. Lemon essential oil is also an excellent disinfectant, which makes it great for cleansing the body & home. Lemon oil has an anti-fungal, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying and antiseptic properties.

* Tea Tree Oil: Also known as Melaleuca, tea tree oil is a cure all medicine, as it has long be used to treat a number of illnesses and diseases. It has powerful healing and disinfectant properties that help reduce scaring, detox the body and ease muscle pain. It is also has natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-septic and anti-viral properties.

* Frankincense oil: This oil is often referred to as a gift from the god’s. Frankincense is a natural carminative, which helps prevent flatulence and other gas buildup in the body  while also offering relief from other problems like sweating, indigestion and uneasiness. It has also been used to help reduce pain and scarring.

* Fennel seed oil: Fennel seed oil can be used to help relieve indigestion, stomach, chest and abdomen pain. It has also been found to help provide relief to women experiencing premature menopause by reducing pain, mood swings and dizziness.

* Petitgrain oil: This powerful oil works as a natural antiseptic while also fighting infection caused by bacterial growths. It has the natural ability to help promote relaxation in the tissues, muscles, nerves and blood. The relaxing effect in petigrain oil also helps some overcome symptoms caused by depression, anxiety, stress and anger.

* Mogra oil: This oil can is a great way to mood disorders, as it helps relieve stress and depression. It is believed to help boost confidence and promote feelings of joy and happiness. In addition, mogra oil is also believed to be an natural aphrodisiac.

* Cinnamon leaf oil: Cinnamon oil has a wonderful aroma that naturally helps boost brain health, lesson nerve tension and memory loss.

* Cedar wood oil: Cedar woods can be used to help tighten loose muscles and is also believed to have a calming effect of the nervous system.

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