Foods that Lead to a Healthy Heart

Foods that Lead to a Healthy Heart

With all the health buzz roaming the internet, it is often hard to know what information to truly believe. And when it comes to the heart you can never be too sure. However, we do know that by Foods that Lead to a Healthy Hearteating plenty of fruits and veggies, you are improving your chances for better health. So, below we have 5 foods that have been found to help improve heart health and reduce the risk for heart related diseases.

Beans help prevent coronary artery disease

With high levels of potassium and magnesium, beans are one of the healthiest preventatives for coronary artery disease. They help promote healthy blood pressure levels and their high concentration of vitamins B6 and folate may help control levels of homocysteine, an amino acid whose levels are linked to inflammation of blood vessels

Fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids

With plenty of lean protein, healthy omega-3 fatty acids and low in saturated fats, fish is a great heart healthy alternative to red meat, as it also lowers inflammation. However, breaded and or fried dish should always be avoided since they are packed with unhealthy fats.

Olive oil lowers LDL

Olive oil is packed with heart healthy monounsaturated fats that lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL), which increases the risk for cardiovascular disease. The monounsaturated fats also work to help improve the heart-healthy high density lipoproteins (HDL or good cholesterol).

Nuts lower inflammation

Studies suggest that one serving of nuts per day has been linked to healthier LDL levels. In addition to lowering the amount of inflammatory molecules within the blood stream while boosting the body’s inflammatory compounds.

Avoiding Processed Foods and Sodium

Avoiding processed foods and foods with a high sodium content is essential for heart health. Make whole food’s a part of your everyday lifestyle and include at least one fruit and vegetable with every meal. Add plenty of healthy herbs, spices and plant-based foods whenever possible.

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