Foods that Relieve Stomach Cramps and Aid in Digestion

Foods that Relieve Stomach Cramps and Aid in Digestion

Foods that Relieve Stomach Cramps and Aid in Digestion

Cramps and stomach aches are two common issues women often deal with due to hormone changes and stress, but when it comes to the stomach bug, it can happen to anyone. The digestive system usually allows us to eat what we want, but that’s not always the case, at times the digestive system can be very uncooperative. So, it is important to give your stomach some extra TLC when it’s acting up. Hard-to-digest foods can cause even more pain and gut inflammation to an upset stomach. So, lay off on the greasy, heavy foods when your digestive system takes over and stick lighter foods like broth and soups until the pain passes. It is essential that you are giving your body whole foods, rich in vitamins and minerals to help support digestion health and relief as well as overall health and wellness.

Top 5 Foods for Stomach Pains:

Plain Rice

Rice is easy on the digestive system and works especially well in reducing cramps. It’s a popular food for those who are gluten intolerant due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. The high levels of magnesium and potassium help relieve stomach cramps and reduce stomach pains. It is also low in fiber, though fiber is a great nutrient, too much can disturb the digestive system when you’re stomach isn’t feeling well. In addition rice also contains high levels of resistant starch that helps soak up toxins and draw them out. The best sources are basmati, black, and brown rice.


Mint is a very popular natural remedy used for stomach aches, digestive issues, and nausea. It has been found to help reduce muscle spams in the digestive tract and helps improve overall digestive functions. Mint also soothes digestion and helps relieve constipation that can often occur during tummy aches. Add peppermint or spearmint leaves to smoothies, teas, and fresh juice, you can also opt for essential oils as well.

 Sweet Potatoes

 Sweet potatoes are a great source of resistant starch, which helps ease upset stomachs, while also flushing toxins out of the body. They also have high levels of magnesium and potassium, which are known for the ability to help reduce cramps and vitamin B6 that relieves tension within the body that otherwise worsen’s stomach aches and cramps. For best results and easier digestion, remove peelings, since they are high in fiber and cook thoroughly with little to no seasoning.


Another great source of potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 – the top 3 nutrients in relieving cramps. Bananas are an excellent source of fuel when you’re feeling under the weather and they help keep things moving smoothly without causing stomach pains and aches. However, remember to enjoy your bananas somewhat spotted, since unripe bananas are difficult for the body to digest, which leads to stomach cramping. Ripe bananas are also loaded with digestion promoting enzymes .

Non-dairy Yogurt 

Yogurt works especially good when regulating the body. It’s rich source of good bacteria happens to be one of the most calming foods to the digestive tract and it just so happens to also help reduce cramps, bloating, and promote digestion health. Yogurt has also been found to be more effective than supplements and many fermented foods. However, the dairy in yogurt often causes an upset stomach, so opt for soy, coconut, or almond milk based yogurt with no added sugars or sweeteners to get the full benefits.

Foods to Avoid:

When you’re experiencing stomach aches and cramps, always avoid foods high in fat. Fats take longer for the body to digest, which isn’t always a good thing when you have an upset tummy. The best options are whole-foods low in fiber and light meals like soups and crackers.

Foods to Enjoy:

You can eat some fruits like strawberries and papaya’s as well as ginger, lemon, and many herbs including oregano, which help fight bad bacteria and promote digestion at the same time. Adding vegetable broth to your diet will also help keep food moving thoroughly, provide plenty of healing nutrients to the body and sooth the bowels.

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